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2 Weeks Of Pain

About 1 month ago i was caught texting in class for the second time this year (junior year in hs) and as per school rules my phone was taken and my parents called. When i got home my mom told me to go to my room and *****. Being 17 i immediately started complaining that i was too old to be spanked bare and that it was fair. Without saying anything she grabbed my ear and pulled me to my room. She told me to ***** immediately and lie over her knee. She began spanking me with her hand. I cant remember how many or how long but by the end i was sobbing. She told me to get up and get the hairbrush that is kept on my nightstand. Unable to do anything else i got it and climbed back over her lap. She instantly began redding my butt and thighs. When she was done some 45 minutes had passed. She made me come downstairs and stand in the corner of our living room while she finished cooking dinner. After done cooking and ready to serve dinner, she told me to go to my room and wait. After my parents and sister finished eating, she came up to my room and while i was lying on my bed came over and hugged me. After comforting me she told me that because this was my second time getting caught texting in class that i would have not only a bed time of 9 for two weeks but also a spanking with her hairbrush before bed every night. I began to complain but she just looked at me and said you "dont want it to last for a month do you?" To say the least i stopped talking.
xtytyx xtytyx 16-17 7 Responses May 2, 2012

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To your Mom I say, "Well done!"

How long before that spanking had you last been spanked by your mom? Did your sister see you standing bare bottom in the corner and how did you feel getting spanked at age 17 and bare bottom?

Can you add me to your circle?

Did your mom follow through and also did you get your phone back? What had mom done the first time you were caught texting? How sore was your butt and did your sister see any part of the spankings? Are you male or female?

Wish I could have been spanked by your Mom; sounds like she's really good at giving bratty kids what they need.

A hairbrush spanking every day for 2 weeks is HELL, it's worse that a jail! Poor you...

it must be really painfull after each spanking you suffered pain how much hours is it finisnih now