Mothers Day

Last Saturday night I got all dressed up and decided to go to some clubs. My girl friend picked me up and the last thing mom told me was I want you home by 1:00 am. Well when we were out I hooked up with a guy I know and we partied all night. Around 2:30 I told him to take me home. When we got in the driveway we started making out and before I knew it I was going down on him. Suddenly without warning the car door swung open and there was mom. She had just caught right in the middle of sucking the guys c***. She was totally irate and literall drug from the car tell ing the fella to get out of hear.

She had a hold of my left ear and drug me into the kitchen sat down and hauled me over her lap. I struggled but she pinned my arm behind my back and lifted my skirt out of her way. I was wearing a thong so my soon to be red cheeks were already exposed. As I kicked my legs I was pleading with her not to spank me. She was so mad that she said that this how you act on mothers day. This is how I find my daughter acting at this time of the morning. Then she commenced to blister my cheeks. First one then the other. I was literally helpless as I kicked and cried as she spanked me as you would a child. She stopped to rest her arm and lectured me on my behavior as I bawled tangling over her knee. She then renewed her spanking of me with vigor bring on more tears. Finally which seemed for ever but was only a few minutes she let me up and smacked my bottom as I danced to my bedroom. Here she told me to GET TO BED. I jumped out of clothes and into my PJ's where I buried my face in my pillow sniffing back tears and rubbing my oh so sore bottom.
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Im like u except for the spanking and time I have to be home. my parents wouldn't care if I was home by 3 am or 6 am

That's assault u could have ur mum charged

Do you get off on spanking or you HATE it?

Can you add me as a friend???

I agree with that, your never too old For a spanking!

She cares about you very much!

She cares about you very much!

a proper and deserved punishment

your lucky i got bare bottom hairbrush and wooden paddle spankings from my mom up untill i was 16 or 17

i not good understand english why mom strike you you drink alcool at party

Hey Dragon, you probably only can get bj's from other guys

And you're not supposed to blow a guy in your driveway. What will the neighbor's think?
Or had she been watching out the window and thought your technique reflected badly on her? lol

Well, one girl I dated was told to be home at 10 by her dad, I was not told anything as she came running out to the car and she said midnight.

So I got her home early 11:45. She was kissing me on the porch when dad opened the door. Had both of us come in and used a strap (with handle so dead give away), noticed she did not have any panties on (I a little hazy if they were in my car or she had not bothered to wear them this was the 60's when bras were being openly burned and rather out of style and panties were becoming a very optional sort of item).

So Dad, gives her a good solid 20 and sends her to bed. Then says he'd like to talk to me on the porch. Asks if I smoke and I figure he is probably going to tell me I can't see his daughter, so I pull a doobie out of my shirt and light up, say, "Um yes, sir, I do." and hold it out to him.

He hesitated for a bit, so I took another hit, held it out and he took it and took a hit, damn near coughed his lungs out. Then asked me what I thought about him taking a strap to his daughter.

I asked him why he did it, since I'd gotten her home early and he asked what time she'd told me she needed to be home, 12, no 10, Oh. And what about the punishment, so I told him I'd already spanked her, but used my hand!

Next weekend, I go in to say hi to mom and dad. She's at the door, Dad say, Home by 10 young lady. And she meekly says yes daddy.
Then turns to me and quietly says, I'll see you around midnight and winks.

And people wonder why some girls Love going over a knee.

i could understand your mom

If true you earned it for that.

You got what you deserved!

Phoebe, she used a ping pong paddle. She still has an old fashioned hairbrush that she usually uses. Donna

What did she spank you with her hand?

What happened this time

I have been back over her knee since then. WOW did it ever smart. Donna

Good mom it sounds like you mite need some more. A belt mite be needed

yes i am against spanking but if you go with man who take drugs i understand why she so angry

A lot more than I care to think. Crap, I mean I am 24 but she says if I need it she will paddle me when I am 64