Jehovah Witness Spanking

In the spring of 1977 I lost my father to a drug overdose..My Mom took it hard and gave us three kids My older brother, myself and my younger sister to my grandmother. She couldn't handle 3 small kids my brother 10,myself,6 and my sister 4.
We stayed with our grandmother and she was a SERIOUS Jehovah Witness follower.
One Sunday while at church I started acting up and making funny faces to my brother and sister. Nana as we called her, warned me if i didn't sit still and obey she wouldn't hesitate to take me out for a good old fashion spanking. I thought she was kidding, boy was i wrong. A few minutes later I couldn't control myself and started acting up again... Nana gave me ths look.
Nana grabbed me by my ear and marched me into a room, she didn't say a word.. she just undid my pants and dropped them to my ankles, she laided me across her lap with my butt in mid air and took my underwear down, at this time I stated to cry.. I knew my butt was going to be very very red in a few mins. she said why are you crying I haven't started yet.. She then reached into her purse and pulled out this hairbrush, she then locked her legs over mine and went to town on my bare bottom.. I was screaming and begging her to stop, but she wasn't listening she continued to spank me. A good 5 mins or so.. she finally stopped I got up doing the spanking dance she then ordered me to stand in the corner for a few minutes until she was ready to go back into the church.
Later after we got home Nana called me into her room, I was still very sore and knew that I was gonna get another spanking.
Nana sat down on the bed and called me over to her.. She then took my pants and underwear down again and again she took that hairbrush to my already sore bottom and was saying that I earned another spanking for me behavior at church.. After the spanking I was sent to my room and was grounded for the rest of the night.
I never acted up again in church.
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How long did you live with your grnadmother? I know the JW are strict with their kids and spank till like 17. Did you get spanked thru your teenage years?

are you always in this sect geovah so bad than islamist christ have never said this

Wow two bare butt hairbrush spankings in one day!<br />

Your grandma knew the power of the hairbrush and how it could teach naughty boys (and girls as well) to behave properly.<br />
<br />
My mom used the hairbrush on my bare hiney now and then and found that it greatly improved my behavior