Spanked With Hairbrush In Russia (the Only One, Probably)

I'm from Russia, where the most common spanking implement is the belt.

It's quite commonly used, even nowadays. When I was in school, I knew for sure that many of my classmates were spanked with the belt.

(OK, may be in some villages parents use birches, but that's very, very old-fashioned. No one uses them in the cities).

I come from a very loving family, but with reasonable amount of punishments. I was spanked with the belt when I misbehaved seriously, until the age of 12. But then, a very important event happened.

My Mom knows English quite well, and was communicating a lot with English-speaking tourists at that time at her work. So once as a part of general discussion about children, she touched the topic of discipline of children with a lady tourist - from U. S., I guess.

That lady explained to my mother that in Western countries there is a tradition of spanking disobedient children with the back of the wooden hairbrush. She advocated for this implement - less severe and easier to use than the belt, and my Mom got inspired!! So she bought a hairbrush of such type (we didn't have one at home), and explained to me that if I don't get in line, I will get acquainted with the hairbrush.

Actually, I was rather glad, because this small wooden thing looked so much less severe that the belt! Also, I knew that in the West, there is much more caring about the rights of kids, and therefore it was reasonable to expect that the hairbrush is a very mild implement!

But in a couple of week I messed up in school, quite enough to earn a spanking.

Mom ordered me to remove pants and underwear (which was the same as before a belting - very, very embarrassing, but not new), and then to lay on her knees with my bare bottom placed upwards. It was so humiliating!!! For many years, I was spanked lying on the bed - a rather "adult" position. But lying on Mommy's knees I felt myself a naughty 4-year-old! I actually started crying because of such shameful position!

Then my Mommy gave me my first spank with the hairbrush. (As I understand now, she also was sure that it is a lightweight, mild instrument, and concluded that to make my 12-year-old bottom feel the sting, the spanks should be full-strength!)

I didn't believe it could be so painful!! I cried with pain, but Mom applied the second spank, and continued spanking me thoroughly. I was shocked and wailing like a baby. The spanking was hurting much more that the belt!

After many spanks, I was kicking with my legs wildly and Mom warned me that if I don't stop this tantrum, I will get the belt right after the hairbrush. But it wasn't a tantrum, it was my reaction to a very painful spanking. I did my best to stay still during the rest of the spanking. But I really cried my eyes out.

After the spanking was over, I was still lying on Mom's knees and wailing for several minutes. She rubbed my sore bottom, which was pleasant but also embarrassing. I promised to be the most obedient boy in the universe. She said yes and if I don't she will use the hairbrush again.

It was obvious that she was extremely satisfied with the results of a hairbrush spanking. It did work on me much better than a belting, I have to admit.

She than sent me to the corner where I was constantly crying for quite some time.

After she let me return from the corner, she hugged me for a long time, which I needed so much.

That wasn't all the embarrassment that day: in the evening she came to my bedroom and asked to remove my pyjama pants - she wanted to see the redness and the welts of the hairbrush spanking. For her it was a curiosity and a safety question, but for me it was a torture. She commented in details about how red and sore my bottom was, and I was very humiliated by that discussion.

From that day, she never returned to the belt, and only spanked me with the hairbrush. And I should say, even the lightest hairbrush spanking was much more painful that the hardest belting I got before. I guess, Mom didn't fully realize just how painful is the sting of the hairbrush, and always applied it fiercely and with her full strength.

And I will never forget the humiliation of lying on Mom's knees with bare bottom. My last spanking was at the age of 15, and it was the most humiliating moment in my entire life.

Another awful part was that I was unable to discuss my spankings with friends. I was telling them I get the belt as usual, because it was too ridiculous to admit that at 12 I'm spanked over Mom's knee with a hairbrush (once again, no one in Russia knows that it can be used to punish children).
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Я прочитал, хорошая история.
Привет, друг.
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Here is my story!
When I was ten years old I was at the beach with my baby sister and my parents. My sis of course can't swim and I was holding her and suddenly she she pinched me really hard and I dropped her but luckily she didn't drown. When we got home my mum told me to go to her room and told me to fill in this what spanking should I get quiz. I saw that I got a super hard spanking and my mum did everything there it was over her knee I went with bare bottom sticking out. She gave me the fifty spanks per cheek, the twenty per cheek with the paddle and ten per thigh, twenty five with the belt and ten with the wooden hairbrush. When it was time to go to bed my mum came into my room and inspected my purple bottom she filmed it and told me why i was spanked and that she loved me very much.

Great story! I an glad you shared.

Great story!

The over the lap thing with the hairbrush sounds humiliating and embarrassing for the the big boy you saw yourself as by then, but in all honesty, i think you might have to admit that if you were acting like a big boy, the whole thing would not have happened, and the part of us that usually has behavior problems that gets us into trouble is our emotional inner child. No child should be intentionally humiliated, but we do need to learn that if we don't respect our self, others, and have humility when we encounter legitimate authority, we can get hurt much worse than your mother hurt your butt with the brush. I think spanking is a literal physical symbolic act that is supposed to demonstrate to you that the parent figure responsible for you cares about you and will not stand back and let you do things that are destructive or disrespectful to your self or others, but I it should really only happen very rarely when a parent needs to shock you into realizing your problem behavior was way over the line. As an adult the interaction is not between us and a parent , but is a dialogue between our reasonable balanced inner adult self , and our inner child that still acts like an unruly little boy sometimes. I don't think the usual solution should be for our harsh super ego to punish our emotional inner child, but the balanced adult ego should demonstrate caring guidance and talk our problem child into better solutions. However as much as we don't like it , I think most of us do need legitimate chastisement o rearrange our behavior sometimes, though in the adult world it takes a different form than the hairbrush. A bad scrape with the legal penal system has much longer term consequences than a red butt for a few days. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I got my first hairbrush spanking when I was ten and my reaction was identical. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. But my experience was the reverse. My stepdad switched to the belt when I was thirteen. I was so glad. The belt still hurt like hell, but nothing like the brush. Of course, I didn't tell my stepdad that!

Interesting comments. I talked to a girl from Ukraine who said her sisters and her were spanked with a hairbrush so it isn't unheard of there.<br />

Seriously? Well, I have never ever heard of hairbrush spanking in Russian families except mine. Would like to chat with that Ukrainian girl - to know her feelings.

for which mistake did your mom beat you strong

Me and my friends cut the first lesson.