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My mom spanked me with her hairbrush from the time was was about 5 years old. When I was very young she didn't use it hard, but she did apply it to my bare bottom. Her spankings were not severe ever. She believed that a long spanking that was not brutal was fare more effective than a shorter spanking that was harsh. It hurt like the devil anyway, but she did share that philosophy with me when I had my own children. She gave me that hairbrush on the birth of my first child, telling me I would need it. 

Mom was a spanking artist with that brush though. She lit my bottom up like a light bulb with it on many occasions. The thing is I always had this twitch between my legs when she spanked me, even though it hurt like the dickens. She always spanked me by hand a while before applying the brush, and I was bare bottom over her lap. It was during that hand spanking part that it began. It was very sexual feeling. By the time she used the brush it was a strange combination of pain and another feeling I won't call pleasure because I was in so much pain, but it was something else that is hard to explain. If anyone experienced the same thing would you please tell about it?

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Miss Laura, spankings for me had always given me a feeling that at the time I didn't know what it meant. As I got older I realized that I was turned on getting spanked with a hairbrush.

my mom would burn holes in my bottom with her hairbrush she would take pants underpants down over her kenes and long long spanking kicking cyring

I have the idea that the response you're describing is a whole lot more common than most people will admit.

Hi Laura. Great story

I am sure as a single mom now - you have distilled the same feelings in your son, the ones you felt over the years.

My sister and I experienced a lot of what you outlined, with prolonged hairbrush spankings. However, anything sexual was the furthest thing from my mind during those times. It was always so embarrassing and hurt like the dickens, all I recall was how much it stung and ... well how effective it was in dealing with me.

My sister (younger) was far more rebellious and tested the fences far more then I did. As a result, she got taken upstairs for sessions with Mom' hairbrush more then me. Maybe there was something more in it for her? I kind of doubt it, but maybe I'll shock her a bit and ask her about that. :) I just thought she was stubborn and a little crazy.

Have you asked her yet?

No, forgot about it and I'm pretty sure I know her answer anyway. Can't believe there was anything exciting or arousing involved.

She's been having some health issues and when I talk with her or see her, that sort of question is about the last thing on my mind.

Well, that was some years ago and she definitely did get disciplined when she acted out back then. She got it far more than I did. Maybe Mom's hairbrush was just more effective in dealing with me? At any rate, my sister eventually settled down and developed into a fine person. I'm very proud of her. We were never close in our younger years, but began to become closer after I returned from college. We are very close now, I love her dearly. We've been through a lot together, losing both of our parents. Sadly, she is now struggling with some long term health challenges that are proving to be difficult for her to adjust to. I'm sure in time she will show the toughness and spirit that she had in full measure growing up.

Thanks you Christine.

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Laura, Hello,

looking at our mutual groups and friends, we have one common interest. Spanking and spanking with kinky play.

I love spanking young and old, but it always must be a bit kinky.

How do you enjoy it most. Please add me so I can PM you.

My wife and her siblings were often spanked by both her mom and her dad and always with the hairbrush. I took over those "duties" after we were married. Like you, Laura, she gets that "twitch" from her spankings and your description fits, i.e., "a strange combination of pain and another feeling I won't call pleasure because I was in so much pain". She can't explain it but she wants and needs it even though she has to go through the blinding pain of a hairbrush spanking on her bare behind. Spanking her gets me aroused and, once she's had a good cry and calmed down, the sex we have is out of this world.


How old were you spanked bare till?

Glad your mom was a good teacher

i never got the brush i got the hand at 5 and then paddle at 6 strap at 8 and cane at 15 she never spared it

It's understandable, because your butt is part of your genitalia so when it's touched it's normal to feel some sexual arousal.

What medical book is that in?

Very good.

Sounds like mom gave n n knew how to give u a good hard spanking :)

Hi Laura,

I can comfirm your feelings it happend to me too.
Ann was always wearing an apron as a spanking sign hours before the spanking.
From the moment i knew i was in for it i saw walking around in her apron, it made me nervous but also arroused in a way.
but just like you i got handspanked and thenn the brush, lying comfortable over her knee was still excitet, getting the handspanking was less, getting the brush was hell, but still.
After the punishment (witch it was) i was still aroussed.


How old were you when you first recognized it as sexual arousal? Until how old did you get spanked at home?

I recognized the feeling as young as 3 but didn't understand about sexual arousal until around 10 when I was given the sex talk.

Once or twice, I thought I might loose control of my bladder, or maybe everything down low. I had a similar feeling while I was skating once (ice skating). I was learning to skate backwards, and I fell down very hard and landed on my butt during skate time at a public rink. I fell so hard,I thought I would pee or pooh myself for a few moments, right there in my nice little skate outfit, age 17. Needless to say, I froze, I just totally froze while I processed it. It took at least 30 seconds, but I suspect a minute for the feeling of control to return. During that time, I was in terror because I was in public, not wearing much besides my skate dress and tights, and unsure of whether I was holding it in. It was a very strange feeling, because I was embarrassed, and I felt like I was peeing, but there was nothing else I could do.

Well, my mother's spankings with the hairbrush produced the same feeling, when they were very intense, probably because of how she used it... on the lower ineer part of my behind Need I say any more?

Your strange trolll.... wut?

Why don't you ask the last part here as a question, and see what the responses say.

I think with me I went through a similar transition. I got the hairbrush at around age six or seven and it really stung, too. I think it was worse than the belt. I'm sure her intent was to make me feel it more, because by that time I could fake tears from a hand spanking pretty well. My fathers spankings were more beatings. For that reason, I've never spanked kids.

My spankings from my mother changed around ten. So did my relationship with my Dad. I also think I had sexual feelings by then, but it was strange. I think I got similar feelings being nude in bed, with other girls I knew and especially, several times as well around boys.

Do you want me to pose your question and see what answers come back?

I did make the change. Thank you.

I never had the feeling as a kid. But now when I get a good spanking with the hairbrush? Well I can easily relate to it. I like it!

I didn't have that feeling but have talked to others who did.

I never had any feeling of arousal from it either. It was just being punished.

As I said, it was a more peculiar feeling than arousal once she started with her hairbrush, though there was some element of that in it I guess.

Well being bare and helpless some people I guess translate to sexual feelings. It seems pretty common for some but it wasn't for me I was just humiliated and pissed off.