Spanked At Parent/teacher

Once in 6th grade, there was a parent teacher conference. I was sitting in there with my mom and teacher. She told her something about me talking back. Right then she took me over her knee and pulled a hairbrush out of her purse my pants and panties went down and she gave me 20 smacks. She made me apologize and told me I would be getting a real spanking when we got home. We got home and she pulled a chair to the middle of the living room. She lectured me then told me to take my pants and panties down. I did as I was told then she told me to get vet her knee. I got 30 with the hairbrush. It hurt!! Then I had o bend over the arm of the couch, and I was gonna get 20. So first it went SMACK! You SMACK! Do not SMACK! Talk back SMACK! To
Your teachers SMACK! Do SMACK! You SMACK! Understand me SMACK! I didn't answer so she gave me five more SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK answer me when I talk to you so I said yes so she started with the 20. I was crying when she was done and couldn't sit. After that when I got I'm trouble with the teacher, she said "I will tell your mom and them we sit be sitting comfortable tonight will we?"
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I'm sorry to hear that

Yeah, just about the same happens to me. My mom somehow finds out - God knows how- and then my butt is over her knee for quite a while, if you know what I mean.

Wow poor little bottom.


Great story!

When I was in grade school my mom at each parent/teacher conference would tell the teacher that she had their permission to spank me if I was naughty. This was done each year from first grade right until 6th grade. It was very scary to be sitting there and hear my mom say that. Most teachers would just say we hope it doesn't come to that. Then when I started middle school I really got embarassed. In middle school we had a different teacher for each subject. At each teacher my mom told them they had permission to spank me if I was naughty. She gets spanked at home if naughty. Most teachers just smiled and thanked her for her support. One teacher actually pulled out a paddle to show my mom that she would use it if neccessary. I really was figetting at hearing that. My mom and the teacher only laughed at my discomfort.

Mary, I know the feeling. Even tho my parents never gave any teachers permission to spank me, whenever we had teacher conferences Mom would openly tell my teacher that any bad report would mean a bare bottom spanking at home. Quite embarrassing!
And, like U said, it only got worse in jr high, with several teachers being told about my spankings...most were nice but a few seemed quite pleased to realize I was still spanked bare bottomed as a young teen!
Love to share more if U wish,

that sounds real bad hope not happening any more how old were you?

Ouch imagining that just makes me cringe, especially over the couch arm the slow ones after you had already had 30 and 20 more at school. I hope you are not still getting spankings like that. Add me if you would like to share hairbrush experiences.

It must be embarrassing to discover that your teacher knows she can indirectly get you spanked! While I support your mom on this in principle, it was a bit much to do it in front of your teacher, and on your bare bottom to boot! Hopefully the rest of the school year went better.

I think your Mom was wrong to spank you. I think she was wrong, for doing so many times. If your Mom did that to another adult it would be ASSAULT!!! Doing it on the bare is demeaning and disgusting. It's also very humiliating. I spanked my daughter once when she was 5 and did it privately over her jeans and with my hand. She didn't cry. I felt so guilty that I intentionally broke my wrist. She then cried. I asked why she cried then. She told me it upset her to see me hurt myself. That was almost 8 yrs ago. She has hardly misbehaved since. I have never and never will spank my son. When they misbehave i talk to them, ground them, or take away something they like for a period of time. A parent who hits their kid and uses the reason that it was for discipline, punishment, or good parenting are rationalizing violence. A parent is supposed to use his/her hand for patting the child on the back, wiping away tears, and hugging. A parent is supposed to comfort their kid when he/she is crying, no being the one to cause the tears. Learning is painful enough without inflicting physical pain.