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A Hairbrush Interview

A short yahoo messenger chat from 2008

Melissa: Hi there I'm Melissa I'm Vicki's daughter.
Po: Hi.
Melissa: I saw you in my mom's list under girls so I guess you get spanked too?
Po: Yes I did, not recently.
Melissa: I got one last week for back talk.
Po: Oh no, how old are you?
Melissa: 15
Po: What do you get spanked with?
Melissa: Hairbrush, mom's is the old wood kind. I have to get it from the bedroom, its so embarrassing
Po: I thought she told me paddle or belt?
Melissa: She uses the brush too.
Po: What is the procedure. You have to go fetch it?
Melissa: Yes and then I bring it to my room shes there waiting. She sits on the edge of the bed, I ***** down, hand her the paddle and go over the knee. She scolds me for a few then begins.
Po: Pants and panties down?
Melissa: Yes.
Po: What does she tell you or do you know what to do?
Melissa: I know what to do
Po: So you handed her the hairbrush and immediately reach for your pants?
Melissa: Yep pretty much.
Po: What are you thinking when you take down your underwear?
Melissa: How much this will hurt how I should have kept my mouth shut and I almost laugh when she tells me this hurts me more than you.
Po: She doesn't actually say that does she?
Melissa: Yes lol.
Po: Where do you take your pants down to?
Melissa: Ankles. Well usually to knees if its jeans.
Po: So you're thinking about how much the brush will hurt and not embarrassed at having your stuff hanging out?
Melissa: We're both women so that don’t bother me.
Po: Yeah it's good you have that attitude.
Melissa: Sometimes my mom comments on how healthy I look down there I hate that.
Po: Oh really? Do you have a bush?
Melissa: Yes don’t you.
Po: Yeah I do a lot a girls shave.
Melissa: My mom says that's unnatural.
Po: I think so too.
Po: So you go over her knees and then what?
Melissa: That's about it. I ***** and bend over the lap and get spanked then to the corner for 10 minutes, then to bed.
Po: How many spanks do you get the you know?
Melissa: A lot, I never count, I cry lol. I cry before during pants down.
Po: How do you take it when it stings, do you hold still?
Melissa: Yes I know better.
Po: If you don't you get more or something?
Melissa: Yes exactly.
Po: Do your thighs get spanked?
Melissa: Yes and sometimes in between them if you know what I mean.
Po: Really? Not exactly. You mean inner thighs?
Melissa: Yeah.
Po: Ouch you must squeal like crazy?
Melissa: Yes. So did you ever try smoking? That's the only reason I got the belt.
Po: No I wouldn't do that. My dad just spent two miserable years kicking the habit after smoking for 40 years.
Melissa: I got to go.
Po: OK thanks for talking to me, good luck.
Phoebe20 Phoebe20 18-21, F 6 Responses Oct 17, 2012

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Reminds me of my own abusive spankings I got growing up.

hello, we have chatted before elsewhere, and I know you have been collecting stories. I guess you like to do it as an interview that makes sense. I would love to read more, do you have them posted elsewhere. You can e mail where I could read more, my e mail I have 12 yr old daughter and I will be taking notes, She will be exposed to spanking as long as I am paying her bills.

Hi yeah I still have you on my yahoo messenger list look me up.

Very interesting. But the conversation definitely seems sexually charged from Po's end. Is that common?

Only because men think spanking is about sex. Has nothing to do with sex for punished girls.

No, I disagree. Of course spanking can be about sex or about discipline or both or about bullying or all three. However, I noted a tone of interest from Po that seemed erotically charged, not because my brain is in my penis, but I could be wrong.

You are, I just try to get full details when I interview somebody.

yes, I aldo feel these questions centre around the sexual aspects.
The nakedness, the girls bush, the humiliation, the undressing procedure..pure sexual, but that is just my feeling.
and Po, you always deny that, especially coming from a male.

In the seven and a half years since I was 15 I have chatted/interviewed with over 1500 girls and women from 52 countries about their teenage punishment spankings. I don't do interviews with wife husband or sex club type spankings it's all about discipline ones and involuntary ones. It started with a curiosity and it kind of evolved into a hobby of trying to get full and complete detailed descriptions. The handful I have posted here are the very shortest ones for space and attention span reasons. Many go longer than 20 pages. I try to get a word/mind picture of both the physical and the emotional aspects. The ones posted here are probably the least detailed and therefore you have focused on one aspect of the many I try to elicit from those who tell their stories. Those who think spanking is about sex will find what they want I guess. Unfortunately I can't post the long ones to give a better and more complete perspective of the psychological/emotional elements in addition to the physical ones.

OK, so you hav made a field study with an enormous scope about spanking.
What is the fascination it has for you?

Well it started out when I was getting spanked too and I didn't know anybody else was when I first got on the Internet. So initially it was curiosity and kind of commiseration. After I had about 200 of them I realized I was collecting LOL. After a while I got pretty good at it and I would trade my interviews with the new victims to get their stories because they were curious what other girls get also. Many people have told me I should write a book but the only people who would be interested are people like you who think it's all about sex and it isn't. It isn't the finest thing in the world I do I never set out to be a red bottom journalist.

Phobe, I never said or believe that is "all about sex".
I got a few spankings from my dad, maybe 5 or 6, and it was pure punishment.
In my late 30 ies I discovered the sexual aspect, giving and receiving. But, it takes two to tango.

And many people just love the spanking memories because it turned them on.
So each animal is different.
So for the average teen I would guess that 90-95 % just hate it. Period. But there are people who want it.

Yeah and I thought it was BS at first but over the years I have run into many women who while they hated it as teenagers somewhere in their late 20s up to their 40s they get it in their mind they want to try it again and seek out somewhere to get it. I never fully understood that but I guess it has something to do with remembering their spankings as closure and learning responsibility they no longer have that structure in their lives.

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so hot sexy, spread the legs and on the inner thighs ,thats my erogenous zone i love getting smacked there

I have had some of those paddle brush spankings on my bare behind growing up. Not only was it embarrassing but it hurt like h-ll. I use to hate it when she got the urge to have my count the whacks.

I bet the brush can tell some stoeies! LOL