I Got Mums Hairbrush On My Wet Bare Bottom!

I think I was about twelve when this particular spanking occurred. I can't actually remember what I did wrong but it was likely to be me throwing an early teen fit and mouthing off to mum, I stormed off in a huff then went for a shower. I climbed out of the cubicle got a towel around me and my hair then padded off to my room. Mum was waiting for me, sitting on the edge of my bed with her hairbrush in one hand, tapping it against the other. There was no mistaking her intention and I began grovelling instantly but to no avail.

My mum is a latin woman (from Brazil) and doesn't change her mind lightly and when she beckoned me to her I knew there was little point in resisting. It was such a blur, the towel suddenly vanished and I was tipping forward and over her knee, naked as the day she had me.

Let me confirm one thing, as the other girls have said, it really does sting! Mum swatted my bare bum so many times I lost count and to make it worse the sound of the wooden brush against my still wet bottom echoed around the room. I am sure the heat from it was intensified by the fact I was still wet, can anyone else confirm that from their experience? By the time I scrambled off her knee I was crying like a baby and jigging around my bedroom with both hands clutching my rear end.

Dad's spankings were so much easier after that!
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Wet spankings hurt more because the cheeks are warmed and softened by the hot shower or bath water. The water actually puts a small amount of lubricant between the spanking instrument and the bare ***. But after a few whacks the water is all gone and now you have a tender damp bum that adds friction to each spank until your hot bottom cheeks dissipate that humidity and your bottom is totally warmed up and is very tender as always. I can't help but feel extra vulnerable when totally naked and totally wet.

Yes but it is highly effective. Naked, and wet bottom, made for a memorable moment. I am sure you learned.

A wet bottom spanking is something not to be forgotten. I think it's the mixture of the suddenness, since you are usually fresh out of the tub or shower, any embarrassment from being naked and of course the extra sting. The water intensifies the sting greatly.

I was spanked 2 times over a wet bottom 1st was about age 12 talkin gback and having an attuide was sent to take a shower and to bed mom yelled as i was taking the shower she comes in with a wood brush hands on wall of shower she yells and as the water is still falling she paddles my wet cheeks di di scream and promise to be a good girl it hurt muchhhhhhhhhhh more when wet and i was marked up for days the other was when i got out of our swimming pool i had a lil biknki on all wet and dad took me otk in the backyard and hand spanked me 30 times again it hurt sooooooooooooo bad and i was crying so loud i was 14 yrs old then I WILL never forget these spankings

Hi Nicola, Lord yes I've been spanked like that. Like you I just got out of the shower only to find my stern mother waiting for me in my bedroom. My protective towel was gone in an instant and I was across my knee so fast I didn't have a chance to resist. Mom Blistered my bare bottom for a good ten minutes. I was kicking and bawling my eyes out when she let up and put me in the corner for over an hour.

oh dear, now im feeling it again just like it was yesterday, oooowch!!!

I know the feeling! A couple times over the years I've gotten into trouble on an outing (hiking etc) and as soon as we got home I was told to take a shower then report for a spanking. Not only did Mom's hairbrush STING much worse on my damp, warm, tender behind but I was naked for it and that was bad as a teenager!

I guess I'm happy I never got it wet.

My butt was no stranger to mom's hairbrush as I was growing up.

I had the belt on my wet bottom a few times, and wow did that sting!!!

Sometimes she would spank/walk me from the bath room to my bedroom swatting my hiney with the hairbrush along the way. My mom would come in and take me out of the bath tub and start drying me off. I was quite capable of drying myself but she was on a mission.

After a partial dry with the towel, my hiney was still wet. My mom grabbed the hairbrush from the vanity and I immediatley put my hand on my hiney for protection. She said "move that hand!" I said "no mommy, don't spank me".

"MOVE THAT HAND or else I will spank your hand" I repeated "no mommy, no spanking" but she whacked my hand with that hairbrush and it hurt as we moved out of the bathroom down the hall to my room. I jerked my hand away and she landed two direct hits with the hairbrush right on my hiney. "OW Mommy, no, ow, wah wah wah"

I put my hand back down to protect my hiney and she said "Get that hand out of the way or I'll spank it again!" I said "no mommy, no spanks". but she whacked my hand again with the hairbrush and my hand was hurting worse now than my hiney.

We were almost to my bedroom and I jerked my hand away and another 2-3 spanks landed on my hiney. By now I was in full "cry mode" bawling like a baby. My sister was standing in the doorway watching everything.

My mom sat down on my bed, pulled me over her lap so that I was face down, with my hiney perfectly positioned on her lap. My left arm was immobile due to the way she had me on her lap so instinctively I put my right hand on my hiney for protection. With her left hand she grabbed my wrist and firmly held in out of the way. With the hairbrush in her right hand she proceeded to blister my little hiney. That was a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush.