Please Get It Over With!

I'll never forget the time I was 14 and practically begged my Mother to spank me. I got in trouble at school and as a girl who was regularly spanked for most misdeeds I knew taking a note home from school meant a long bare bottomed session with Mom's hairbrush.
The worst part was when I was leaving school my sister Abbi said she was bringing her friend Kelly (both 12 yrs old) home for dinner. They went off to cheerleader practice and I walked home.
I was in complete distress...visions of being SPANKED haunting me, past stinging burning
bawling kicking hairbrush sessions fresh in my mind....

At home Mom was fussing in the kitchen and I almost decided to not mention my note from school...but I knew if I didn't I'd probably end up being belt whipped by Dad when they found out - cuz I had to get the note signed!
I remember thinking my sister and Kelly wouldn't be home for an hour or such and I was really hoping to be spanked and get it over with before they got home as I knew Mom wouldn't care if they were around to watch my spanking.

So right away I told Mom I had to have her sign my school note and that I was sorry and I knew I deserved to be spanked right now just please not the brush and not to hard? Mom was disappointed I was in school trouble and she got that "spanking look" in her face so I was all ready to take my punishment - just please spank me NOW!
But Mom was busy with a big dinner... but she told me to change into pj top and panties for my spanking then come back and help her in the kitchen! When I got back I tried again to plead, "Can't U just spank me now? I know I deserve it please don't make me wait."

She had no idea why I was so anxious to get my butt burned and she said "Just start cutting the vegetables for me Missy, I'm fixing to spank you when I'm good and ready."
All I could do was obey and fret...worrying about being spanked in front of my sister was bad enough, but I really didn't like her friend Kelly. Kelly was a prissy brat who didn't like me and I didn't like her.
I was in a panic just thinking that if Mom didn't spank me soon, those two would come home and the LAST thing I wanted was to be spanked in front of Kelly!

I finished the vegetables and asked, "Okay Mom I did it all. NOW can you spank me? It's not fair to make me wait anymore!" Mom was huffy, "Don't tell me what to do Missy! You know school trouble means a SERIOUS spanking and I don't want to be rushed! Don't worry young lady, your bare behind will feel the hairbrush as soon as I'm ready. Now, set the table ...unless you really want to wait...until your father gets home?"

My hands were shaking as I set the table, she said "the hairbrush" so knew it was gonna be a bad one.....and it was only about 20 minutes before Abbi and Kelly would show up. There was nothing I could do!
When I finished setting the table I was weeping in dread, counting the minutes and tried one last time..."Mom...Mommy...pleeese....pleeese spank me right now! I can't stand it anymore...I'll even bring you the hairbrush!"

She laughed at me! "My, what's all this?" she asked, raising her eyebrows, "Usually you are begging NOT to be spanked and suddenly you can't wait for me to blister your bare buns?"
"I just....please MOM! I'm READY!" I sobbed, about ten minutes left...

"Okay," Mom smirked, "you can go fetch the hairbrush since you want it so much." It's always awful to bring the brush/spoon but this time I was praying it was quick enough to save me from being spanked in front of my sister and Kelly.
But when I came back with the evil brush Mom was washing pots and pans and she told me to "stand in the corner and think about your behavior and the spanking you have coming."
OMG! I was petrified. Cornered, holding the brush, just waiting...waiting...waiting...ears ready to hear the front door fly open OMG pleeeaase spank me NOW! I prayed...

FINALLY!...Mom finished the pans and pulled out a chair and sat down, calling me to her side. I've never been so "ready" to be spanked but Mom did the usual, pulling my panties down for a lecture on my misdeeds complete with describing just how I was about to be hairbrush paddled bare bottom until I would be sorry when sitting for dinner soon...
Okay...okay...I thought, as she made me hand her the brush and go across her lap, my bare behind was up and defenseless, the brush patting my tender skin, I held my breath and realized OMG this was gonna STING!

Just, whoosh, slam, I heard the front door open and close and my sister's voice, "Hey were home. I brought Kelly for dinner hope that's okay?...." and I didn't even try to get up or complain. I just put my face to the floor in complete shame, not wanting to even SEE Kelly but clearly hearing her, when she and my sister walked into the kitchen, say, "Oh jeez! Looks like Marzi's gonna get it!?"

As Mom held me down and raised the hairbrush, she muttered, "No wonder you wanted me to spank you right quick. I guess it's just bad timing for you Missy."


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That's embarrassing. It had happened to me also!

Did Kelly, or your sister tease you and make it worse? After reading this, I already feel bad for you, but that'd just be adding insult to injury.

My sisters and I don't tease each other about spankings cuz we all get them. But that bit#@ Kelly often had a smirk or a comment. Kelly could actually "tease" me without saying anything...
She would give me a "knowing" smile and I'd snap, "What?" and she would grin and ask, "Do you REALLY want me to say it out loud?....and we would both know she meant seeing me spanked so I always sighed, "No, sorry."
U have any experience with teasing about spankings?


I have a brother and two sisters and we all saw each other get it, bare bottomed and everything. But, if we were watching, it always meant we were going next or had already been spanked. No one got teased in those situations, since we we were all scared out of our minds, but if one of us was in another room and heard the screaming and blubbering we might catch a few smart remarks from them about later. Though, we were always locked in our rooms right after spankings, so by the time we could come out, the punishment was long over and usually nobody cared anymore. I know for sure my little brother gave me some grief after being spanked sometimes, but it was so long ago it's hard to remember what he said. My middle sister too. She can be really sharp-tounged when she wants to.

Most of the teasing came from school. Moron that I was back then, I would sometimes tell my friends that my parents spanked me. Since most of them had lenient parents, who never punished them, they'd laugh at me and make jokes and tell their friends about it. It was just gossip, I know, but it embarrassed me near to death. Anything like that happen to you?

That is the worst possible thing. Pity she was more caring and either done it when you asked, or chose another time when there weren't such irritating spectators!

Wow! Amazing story. So emotional.
I could almost feel what you were going through.

Wow that sounded pretty harsh

Most of the parents I know, if you had acted like you wanted it, would have changed the punishment.

But I guess everyone is different.

LOL, I wish that worked! Just "act" like I WANT to be spanked then don't get it...LOL.. I knew I was gonna get spanked, I just wanted it right away instead of when others were present....
U mentioned parents U know who use spankings? Care to share more?

Almost every parent in this town spanks, not mine but they are not from around her. They are the odd ones out in this town, I think.

My dad (my adopted dad, not my birthfather) used to threaten to spank me. But then when he found out I had internet searched it (spanking), not only did he tell everybody, he said, "I take back all of those times I've threatened to spank you."

It was actually pretty funny.

But unfortunately that meant everybody in the family knew about my "special interest."

uou said in your profile you were spanked as a child but here you say not. very confusing why did you lie?

Sorry to hear that you got spanked in front of them, but if my child was insistant on getting a spanking, I would've refused to give in as well. It's not a proper punishment if you dictate any part of it. Your mom was probably thinking, if I didn't have to spank you, you wouldn't be watched by others. You brought it on yourself.

A good one .... It's that true ?!

well you got 2 punishments a spanking and humiliation poor thing

Marzi, please tell me this was fiction.

How has this left you feeling about punishment, nudity, pain, submission, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Are you fearful or hateful of these things or drawn to them?

bad enough getting the brush, bad enough getting over your mums knee and bad enough having to wait but to get it in front of someone from school is real bad....

well that's bad to push your mom to do it to you because it could turn out worse..

Getting spanked in front of friends is the worst :(

Getting spanked in front of my own friends was awful but being spanked in front of my sisters' friends was HORRIBLE! U ever get that?

If you misbehave in front of friends, it is the best deterrent.

I usually was spanked in private, but I think they knew I was getting it when I got ordered in the house!

Yea, that was bad timing :(

Oh god that really, really sucks! I'm so sorry you didn't manage to avoid Kelly seeing you get a spanking. Hopefully it wasn't too bad afterward.
I really enjoyed reading this story, it's well written and it was very easy to put myself in your shoes. Keep up the good work:-)

Well, I can't say you didn't earn it, and all your plans to get it done and out of the way were for naught. If it were me doing the spanking I would have sent your sister and her friend upstairs for a while. But it was your mom's call, even it meant added embarrassment.