I Still Get It From Mum

I still get spanked by my mum with her hairbrush. I turned 14 in September and in year 9 and live with my mum and my sister who is older than me. I always got spanked so its nothing new but i didn’t know if anyone else got it so thats why i came here on ep and now i know others get it the same. My friends here are real interesting and some of them get punished by their mum just the same as me so i feel better about it now. I can talk about it here and i cant at school or anything so its great.

My mum says i can have other punishment but that means staying in and missing football practice i go to twice a week and on Saturday morning for the school team which i play for. Other things are missing tv and my netbook which i cant do without so i get spanked which is quick and soon done with.
The only things wrong is that mum always takes my sisters side over me when we get into arguments and I don’t like having to have my pants down which happens sometimes if i have been really bad.

I have a new girlfriend in my class but i don’t think she gets spanked like me so i cant talk to her about it and i would be embarrassed about it anyway so ep is really good for me and the people here are very cool about it. I think telling people makes it better so i am going to write it up when i get punished so hopefully it wont happen very often, the last time was last Friday and Sunday and i put it on here somewhere and people were kind about it.

I don’t want anyone to think my mum is horrible because she isn’t and i don’t think she likes doing it and gives me a hug and tells me she loves me after so please don’t think that. I know I can be hard work but mostly its because my sister causes things and i do get it when sometimes its not my fault.
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I was 13 when I got my last spanking from my mom with the hairbrush. It was just like she did it when I was younger, face down, pants down across her lap and it seemed like she was never going to stop.

Jack, can you add me to your circle? How often does mom spank you and does she spank you in front of your sister? Have your freinds ever seen you spanked?

This is a reely good story,thanx,and even little angels get the spanks somtimes to keep us in line,,so this is a good place to talk about it;)

i just turned 13. i usta get it lots more then now but still i can get it lol :)~

Squirelbait, can you add me to your circle. How often are you still spanked by your home? Hope it is down to less than a few a year now.

it sure beats gettin grounded for a few days or other stuff. but if ur gona be bad is probly best not to get caught at all haha .

ur right about that, trouble is i got a sister who snitches on me all the time so i get into more trouble, trying to keep low at the moment hehehe

um find some thing u can use to make her back off haha .

I tried that with hiding her phone last week and got it bad from my mum when she found it (after 2 days) hehehe

Im sorry u get it for something u havent done at times.. But I agree that its much faster done and its over faster.. I usually always have my pants down, so I know the feeling.. Lots of hugs for u Jack
your friend Andy

hi andy, didnt bother me until about a year ago, dont know how to tell my mum its just not nice...

Not nice, and not fun, but step back a bit and look at it objectively. I got spanked bare bottom with an antique ebony hairbrush, and I hated it. But any alternative that I ever heard happen to my friends, mostly grounding, loss of allowance, banned from the computer, took time and would mess up my life. The spanking was over in five minutes, and I was free to get on with my life. Not a perfect solution, but the best one I could think of. I'm glad my Mom did it that way.

Advice? Figure out what makes your Mom mad, and do your best not to do those things. With your sister, sibs who like to get others in trouble usually like to brag about it. "Mom really whacked your *** good last night. Too bad you didn't really do what I told her you did." Get yourself a small digital recorder, and secretly record her saying those kind of things to you a couple of times. Then play them for your mother. If your Mom is fair at all, your sister will get a worst spanking than you did, and she'll be less likely to believe your sister in the future.