At The Restaurant

It was my aunts birthday and the whole family went out my aunt uncle cousins grandparents my mom and sibblings. Anyway we were all eating appetizers and my grandpa was telling some story and I asked someone to pass the bread. Well appently that was interrupting! My grandpa told my mom she better handle me so she stood up grabbed her purse grabbed me by the ear and dragged me outside. Me begging her not toand her smacking me as we're walking... We get out she pulls me to the bench infront of the restaurant still holding my ear sits down purse next to her yanks the back of jeans down along with my panties puts me over her knee takes out the brush! 50 on each cheek! I was kicking and crying... When we went back in I apologized to my grandpa and my mom put my chair facing the corner until the meal came... I didn't get dessert :(
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That was a stupid punishment. Your grandfather is incredibly sensitive and stupid if he is offended by you asking for bread.

Boy you could tote some blows aye . You remind me of me when I was young. I got it alot ! I was wicked though .

Wow are your spankings always that bad at home too... let alone public? Always bare with the hairbrush?

Those brushes hurt bad!!!

I know from experience!


Moms seem to always know where to aim to maximize the ouch.

Wow, How old were you when this happened. I remember acting up one time in the restaurant when I was around twelve with my cousin. We were both taken to the restroom and got out bare butts paddled good. Everyone in the restaurant heard use getting spanked as we both were screaming and crying. When we went back to the table we were both still somewhat crying and all eyes were on us. I was so embarassed. When I got home mom swatted me a couple of times and sent me to bed.