Avon Hairbrushes

My mom had an Avon hairbrush which curved inwards creating two sharp edges on the backside of the hairbrush. So, when I was spanked, those two sharp edges are what exclusively made contact with my bottom. That thing hurt! Fortunately, it didn't happen too often. One time when I was seven I sassed back to my mom (big mistake!) and she made me lie down on the sofa while she warmed my bottom. Thank goodness I got to keep my pants on. The only bare-bottom spanking I got occured when I was nine. I was told I was getting a spanking and to go to my room and wait (the wait seemed like forever). She came in, pulled down my pants and laid me down across the bed. Fortunately she didn't use the brush--only her hand. Still, the stinging pain was nearly unbearable and I can only imagine how it would have felt had she used the hairbrush.
BlueJey BlueJey
41-45, M
Dec 10, 2012