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hi my name is mia

and i am new on ep, didn't think there would be such a huge ammount of spanking related pages.... i was spanked as a child and i am still spanked being a teenager now... i am 15 and both my parents spank me... it doesn't happen too often... but still... it is not like they abuse me or something it's just plain spanking. I don't talk to real people a lot... i mean offline... partyl because i would be deeply embarrassed and partly because i don't want to get my parents in trouble. So if anyone is interested in talking, just write me a private message or comment here.... oh i am pretty careful about chattig to men.. you can try and contact me but be nice...if i should feel uncomfortable for some will be ignored.

MiaHumm MiaHumm 13-15, F 15 Responses Feb 14, 2013

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When I was growing up, my parents did not believe a 15 year old girl was too old for a spanking. But I do. I hope your parents will soon switch to using maturer methods of discipline with you.

Hi Mia I am a mom of 2
Teen boys they are 15 and 16 almost 17 in about a week. If you want to talk you can add me because I can't add you

I'll talk if you want

please come talk to me because of your age you have to contact me first. Well if you want to of course. thanks

Well depending what part of the world you live in your parents would not get into trouble. I see nothing wrong with a good spanking every now and then I think you would prefer the spanking than being grounded or stuff taken away because you may have a sore bum but you will be free right .

Mia, there's a dynamic between the parent and child that truly dictates the discipline needed to raise the child. I think you need a heart to heart with your folks. You need to take on disciplining yourself. You are a bright woman. Why not work out a discipline program whereby you promise yourself that you'll stay within the rules of the home? If curfew is 11pm, why not make it 10:45pm for yourself so they never have to worry/wonder about you. If it's grades why not make your own goals and then achieve them? A lot of kids just let the folks set the rules and they blindly accept them. I'd challenge you to be your own boss, now and going forward. You can do it. Just get with it, dear. Tell them to give you 6 months of being your own boss. And then PROVE to them you can do it. It's hard work but, in the long run, you'll be far better equiped as you hit 19, 20 and 21. Very best of Luck, Mia.

Welcome to the EP family. May you find all you seek, and all the other crap folks toss at you, use good judgement and toss it in the trashpile of idiocy. The anti spanking liberal crowd already started in on you I see,.. sigh.... You'll get a lot from that crowd, who of course "only have your best interest at heart" and then will want to totally control every aspect of your life "for your own good" of course because "they know whats best". Just be yourself, give it all to God, and everything will be ok.

Mia, that is what this forum is for! Sharing will make you feel much better!


Hi there....its way more common then you might think. More so in some parts of the country then others though. So don't be embarrassed. I'm 25 and my dad still occasionally spanks me on my bare bottom. Embarrassing yes, but their house their rules.

Hi Mia, I was spanked with a hairbrush too until I was 16 1/2. I can't add you because you are under 18 but you can add me if you want. Would love to chat. I can introduce you to many other girls your age and older who still get spanked. I know you can't talk about it in "real life."

hey, would love to talk one day... so i'll add you here

Men cant contact you unless they are posing as kids. All the spanking pages are maintained by adults who ********** to it. Both men and women. If its not how it interests you, you might want to not be here.<br />
<br />
<br />
Your parents are wrong, sucks to be you, but you should really stop them from abusing you. If you do something wrong, there are better ways than torture to correct that. What country (state if USA) are you in, I could look up laws on spanking for you

haha it doesn't suck to be me at all... actually i am pretty happy to be me... but thanks for your concern... i appreciate it

Well by that I meant, its sucks that you find yourself in that situation. ;)

Welcome Mia! You are getting a good mix of advise. Our generation was famous for spanking. I think it is ok for extreme cases. There are other ways of discipline. I don't think
your parents are too out of line unless the spankings are harsh. Kid's don't come with manuals so they are probably doing the best they know how.

Hello, Mia, and welcome to EP!

thank you very much

i would like to know you better im new here to :)

I forgot to comment on your situation. Although I spanked my two when they were growing up, after age 12-13 I decided to find more meaningful methods of punishment. Do you think spanking is an effective method of punishment for you? Have you discussed alternatives with your parents, or would you prefer to be spanked (even if it's embarrassing for you)?

Hi MiaHumm
Welcome to Ep. Your parents only spank you at times to keep you safe and in check. I am sure that it hurts them as much as you when you when they have to resort to that type of discipline. Ipersonally received by last spanking when I was 16. My grown children were spanked as teenagers also. They were not spanked ofter in their teens but when they were out right disobedient, lied to us or back talked, they felt the paddle on their bottom. Today they are both married and have fantastic jobs.
I am sure that is what your parents want fot you also. Don't you.

hey... thank you very much for you reply...for sure i know pretty much what you said is true and i never had doubt m parents truly love me and i truly love them but still these thoughts are gone when it comes to a spanking but i guess feeling bad about being punished is just normal and i think i would feel just as bad if i got grounded or stuff like that

it is never ok for parents to spank or hit. most likely they are just repeating what was done to them, but that does not excuse their behaviour. you have a right to feel angry and hurt by how they are treating you, and don't ever beleive that they are doing for your own good. one day it may be a helpfull for you to read some books by alice miller....they helped me understand alot about my parents and problems i had later on because of the way my parents treated me.

hey tina... thank your for your kind and caring reply... i understand that spanking is a very controversial issue for a lot of people especially if they felt abused by their parents...but as i said i never felt that way towards my parents and love them to death... but i am interested... what is your opinion on parents punishing children in general i mean punishments like grounding, taking away stuff, yelling at them....showing them they are disappointed... how do you feel on that...?

i think that when parents are able to establish a healthy relationship with their kids that is based on love , understanding and respect, then punishment will not be neccessary. the kids will learn by example and will equally respect the parents back and there will be no need for punishments. ofacarse all actions have consequences, so there are times where parents will and should show disaprroval of their kids behavior. but punishment does not teach the child anything. kids so often grow up beleiving that the parents are always right, and in that they learn not to trust themselves or their own feelings. your feelings are real and you need to trust them. parents are not always right, beleive me i am a mother of three and i have made mistakes and i am still learning. i am learning from my kids!!!