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At the age of 10 I graduated from hand spankings to the hairbrush. It was a terrible shock and I couldn't believe how much worse it hurt. But the ultimate was the bath brush, which was reserved for really bad things. One smack of the bath brush was worse than a dozen of the regular hair brush. What made it even worse was even though I was kicking and wigging all over she could smack the same spot a dozen times without a miss. One spank on top of another was pure agony.
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One of my sisters works cash at our local WalMart and just before Christmas had a couple literally drag their early teenage son to the checkout and make him pay for one of their infamous wooden bathbrushes. She could tell by the mixed look of shame and fear on his face that he was buying the brush for his own punishment. We rarely talk about spankings or our punishments growing up. but she thought that this incident was 'cute'. I'll bet the boy didn't think so. Fortunately for us. Mom was satisfied with a plain old hairbrush in our house to supplement the strap and we didn't have to go to the store to buy either one!

The bath brush rapidly brought me to tears and even my big macho brothers became crying little boys when it smacked their butts. Really a nasty implement by any equation.

I remember in our house there were a few "plain old hairbrushes" and along with my dad's belt that when doubled over was transformed into "the strap".

Whenever a naughty boy needed to have his hiney warmed good and proper, there was never a problem for my mom or dad.

Who needed Walmart?

Yep. Always a belt handy for use in giving a good strapping... :( And it did NOT stop until the bare butt was cherry red and the victim was screaming.

That didn't take long in our house. We were wailing and bawling like babies after the 2nd or 3rd spank.

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You were lucky to not get the hairbrush until age 10. My mom started me on the hairbrush when I was 7 - and continued to use it thereafter until I turned 13.

I never got spanked with a bath brush and I sure got spankings with that damn paddle.

Mom didn't use a bath brush - it was either the hairbrush or her paddle. She always had one or both within easy reach, with the hairbrush travelling with us when were out. Either way, on a bared bottom, it STUNG and hurt a good long while.

The bath brush was like a big paddle. I think the long handle on it gave my mother some extra leverage to smack extra hard.

Paddlings or strappings MUST be bare butt. I well know that it stings 10 times worse than having panties or underpants up, but that is why bare is so much more effective

Bare bottom is also 100 times more embarrassing, especially when others are present. To an older teen, deflated pride is much harder to bear than a burning bottom, and the memory -- and its lesson -- lasts much longer. Believe me, I know of what I speak -- read my story "My Last Spanking" in the group "I Was Spanked In Public In My Childhood".