Dr. Phil Couldnt Even Help...

2yrs ago. My mother wrote in to the Dr. Phil show. Me and my twin sister had to go on the show and stright to rehab from the for are herion use. If you look on you tube its under "brandon meets herion twins". my sister and me start out at the same rehab...got in to fight with this chick...who has passed away now due to an over dose...anyways she was sent to texas and i was sent to malibu CA. Dr. Phil sent me to 4 different rehabs i relasped at all of them and one of them overdosed me! but still to this day me and my twin sister STILL use. Im tired of the case! and my sister has gotten worse! I feel like im losing myself every day! I want me back...i just dont want to go threw the detox.idk
tiffne1986 tiffne1986
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013