On Spicks and Specks

So pretty much, Spicks and Specks was going round australia doing the Spicks and Spectacular tour. (For those of you who arn't Australian, Spicks and Specks is a music quiz show. And is really rad). i got tickets to go and see them, and so we went. And i ended up being a contestant!

It was flipping shaweet!

NickDero NickDero
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Hamish Blake is soooooooo funny, did anyone watch Thank God You're Here?<br />
he was on it and it was freakin hilarious !!!!

yep they are awesome :)

Awesome. I always wondered what happened when the other guests went off on a tangent....what happened to the bits that get cut out for one reason or another. I love that show...you lucky duck!<br />
<br />
Adam, Myf and Alan are the bestest lol