Blue Peter

I was on an episode of Blue Peter back when I was 12 (around a year or so ago).

I won't go into much detail (as I don't want anyone recognising me) but I shall tell you a little about it.

We had to do two 'bits' for the show: a link & a cooking item. Oh, and by saying 'we' I'm saying that there were a group of us.

The first 'bit' was the link. We had to do some football skills which I was rubbish at. (I hate football but I was willing to do it, if it ment going on TV!)

Then was the cooking them: they'd baked us some cakes & we had to judge them. The only thing was, I got the cake without the topping on so they both (there were two cakes - one plain & one with some weird topping which I can't remember) tasted the same!

And that was it. Probably about 5 minuites of me (and the other people). All for one TV show.

Sagsy345 Sagsy345
18-21, M
Feb 13, 2009