The Other Woman...

So here is my pathetic story. I am divorced 4 years and only becase I left. If I didn't my ex would have never left as most married men stay with the wife. I have a teenage son that plays every sport. I met one of his teammates fathers by always going to practices and games. This guy askes me out for a drink and i go. We discuss our situations and he tells me he is married and still lives at home with his wife. However even though in front of the kids and others they are the happy married couple, everynight he goes upstairs to sleep where he has a mini apt set up for himself. Eveytime they go to games they go seperate. He says he loves his wife and she is a great mother but he can't be husband material amymore because she cheated on him several times in the past. He says he wont divorce until his kids are out of school because he wants to be there with them. He loves being a father. Now here is the catch.. we have perfect chemestry and he makes me extremly happy. Also tells me he is falling in love with me. I'm not looking for him to leave his wife, I don't want to re-marry or have anymore kids. I am happy with how things are, But because I used to be a wife of a cheating husband I feel like a homewrecker and I don't want to be that. According to him she is also doing the same thing. This is the 1st time I am happy because I have my own time and him on the side. Am I greedy to live this way knowing deep down it is wrong becase he is still married. The only reason why I seem to relate with his story is because during the last 2 years of my marriage I didn't have sex with my ex-husband even though we slept in the same bed. I feel like the right thing to do is end it before it goes too far but I really don't want to....
... Frustrated!
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I know you wrote this a long time ago, but if this man is telling the truth and he and his wife are only married for convenience and they are both okay with having extra-marital affairs, then I think that if you have found a relationship you are happy with and you should continue with it, and not feel guilty about it.