Yes I'm in love with a married man! We met 16 years ago when he was single. At the time I was very much involved with some one else but it was something about him I couldn't forget about we became friends best friends, I had my daughter and he even attended my baby shower.We became intimate shortly after my daughters father and I parted ways when she was four. Our relationship was off and on because I couldn't commit, he me and married an older woman. This summer we got back together and it was like old times! I love him so much he tells me he loves me too, but he still hasn't made the move to leave his wife. He's been financing my life style and we spend every weekend together whether we're intimate or not. He can keep the money!! I want him! Am I being stupid?!? Or wanting to much?!?
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Interesting story! Would you be interested on chatting and spreading light on what it's like to be 'the other woman' on a fun tv show? If so we are looking for women who are high energy and want to tell their judgements, just chat on a great national tv show. If so, please email me ASAP at and I can give further official show information!

Regardless of having sex or not, keep him as your friend and companion. Companion is hard to have and share a lot with. Yes, sex will have now and then but friendship hangs for many years.