Haha.. Polyamory.. : /

God.. How I hate and love polyamory.. It makes me kind of crazy at times..

Haha.. I was baby-sitting for this young couple.. and even though they were monogamous and I am polyamorous, they were both as attracted to me as I was to them. This creates strange situations.. This is the most complete love triangle I've ever been in. Lol.. because I still to this day love both of them.. but it was too much drama for me to handle..

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Well it hurt their relationship at first, but after all of the drama I think they realized they needed to start communicating with one another more. I stepped back and let them get their lives straightened out since things got waaaaay too awkward. We are all still very good friends, and we are supposed to be hanging out again pretty soon, but I don't want to get too close to them..<br />
<br />
This situation was very emotionally draining for all of us and made me rethink relationships altogether.. Sad thing is, I have gone back to polyamory because it feels more natural to me than monogamy.. Not because I want multiple relationships, but because the only people I am interested in are polyamorous. Frickin sucks. : /

Difficult things. Are you still friends with this couple? Did it hurt their relationship at all???

Fo real! I tried for awhile but I don't like to be in relationships at all let alone with multiple people. <br />
I have a very close friend who is always back and forth with it but she always goes back to it.