When I Was A Little Girl...

As a little girl, I remember hiding behind my mother when meeting strangers.

As a kid, I was so shy in school, I would not dare talk to anyone. 

If anyone, GOD forbid, had taken notice to me I would freeze. 

Talk to me?    I would immediately feel the flush of my face and the dread of knowing...

my face was turning bright red

in front of everyone...

complete embarrassment.....   Almost a sure death. 

The sixth grade... kids voices still echo in my head ~   

"You are sooooo shy" 

"Why are you sooo shy?"

  "Don't you ever talk?" 

"Is she deaf, maybe she can't talk?" 

Probably the worst questions you can ask a shy kid.  

I just wanted to hide from everyone....

DreamWizard DreamWizard
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Man you are not alone. It happens to boys too. I was so shy growing up, I wouldn't raise my hand in class, I wouldn't talk to girls on the playground or teachers even when called on. I would be so afraid to say anything. At home I never shut up so my mom was always surprised when teachers would call her to ask what was wrong. Over time and years I changed some, but I still have times when it hits me and I grow shy and retreat in to my old shell of that years ago.

Thanks for your comment. I hope parents read these stories and comments to get a better perspective on their shy child and how to help them. : )

Boy, do I empathize! Everyone called me "Smiley" as a child because I was too shy to talk to anyone and let my smile -- from behind the most convenient legs or chair -- do my talking for me. I was very popular with the "children should be seen & not heard" crowd!<br />