Oops I Did It Again! Married And Still Obsessed With Him!

He is one of the doctors that frequents my workplace. We would flirt all the time even though I've been married for a long time. I know! Not good but I just could not control the urge to get to know him better. I was so obsessed with him. We have kissed and we have shared many intimate moments and conversations. I know that I shouldn't do this but when he calls I can't resist the temptation and when he doesn't call I feel as though my heart is breaking in little pieces. My life and marriage are good. Why isn't that enough for me? Why do I crave his affection? This is how I realized I may be a love addict. This situation is crazy. I really want to put an end to it. I don't wanna feel this anymore.

Today he sent a short message. It's been a month since I don't hear from him but I couldn't resist the temptation to answer. As soon as I replied he stopped texting. I feel so worthless for doing this. I know this has no future as I would never leave my family and I know he wouldn't either. I just wanna be strong enough to stay away because its the right thing to do.

Please help. Anybody
Corazonsalvaje Corazonsalvaje
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Don't respond, change jobs if you cant' put him out of your mind.