Finally Found Others Dealing With A Pathological Liar.

Not that it is a good thing but for so many years I felt so alone. That there wasn't any support out there for me to deal with the lies and the stories.

I met my soon to be ex-husband 15 years ago in the college library. We were both in the same program at the time and started dating. Even back then I should have opened my eyes and said if your mother doesn't know the truth then i'm not dating you. We even lived together at one point and had his number forwarded so she didn't know.

We married 13 years ago and the lies and stores grew as the years went on. I would catch him in a lie and he would throw a temper tantrum like a child and beg for me to forgive and he wasn't going to do it any more. I would and the cycle would start over with being good for a few weeks and then the next lie would be discovered.

His lies had gone so far as telling his mother that every bad choice he made was because of something I did. He had caused fights and stress levels to go up every time that I would attempt a fertility treatment with what was a joint choice or so I thought. Found out this year that it was all lies. he never wanted kids and the way he treats them I am so glad that we never had kids. Worst of his lies I had to cover was that I was pregnant with multiples. His way to get attention and he did. My family thought I was sick and I was the one faking it. and even went so far as to prevent me from being around babies because I would steal one if I could. I figure he told the family this.

It wasn't until after I filed for a divorce that I learned of even more lies. And now this man thinks that he is in love with me because I am dating and getting out. yet this same man had told people I was dead the past two years.
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Thank you losttoday60. Now that I am moving on withy life without him in it I find myself distrusting others more even the man that I am currently seeing. Thing is I have no reason to distrust him yet I find myself with those same thoughts going through my head, even with simple small things that later seem to be so trivial. Nice thing is the new man in my life is understanding of it and we can talk then laugh about it later.