When I was around 16-17 years old, I went to the public pool a few streets over and ended up naked accidentally. The pool was somewhat large, with a small section on the far end shallow enough for kids, and 20-30-ish feet away from there was the 12 foot deep end. I decided to walk over in just my bathing suit and would dry off in the sun, as well as possibly working on my tan. After walking over, I entered the middle area of the pool and hung out for maybe 10 minutes before I went on the diving boards the pool had. I jumped off the low dive a few times, and felt the water kinda tug on my suit, but I wasn't worries all tht much about it. After a couple of jumps off the low dive, I decided to jump off the high dive. When I dived, my suit must have come a bit loose, because as I hit the water it came clean off. I hadn't noticed it yet, but this kid who was about 9 or 10 had, and he swum over and snatched up my suit. I was still swimming and hadn't yet noticed until I came up for air and this boy did a double take at me. I didn't quite know I wad naked then, but I did know something was different and I decided to leave the pool. When I climbed out of the water, I heard people gasp and mutter, so I turned around to see what the commotion was all about. Nearly all eyes were on me, and it really bothered me, so I looked down and saw that my b****** were completely exposed. When I saw, I blushed furiously and noticed my shaved p**** was open to the air as well. I proceeded to run out of the pool and tried to navigate myself back home, but made a few wrong turns in my haste. I was then hit by the realization that I was completely naked and I didn't know where I was. When the realization that I was lost struck me, I heard a truck coming down the road and made a pitiful attempt to cover myself up. As the truck rolled up, I saw it was filled with a bunch of guys who went to my school and they were ogling my b******. I tried to run but I managed to trip and expose my b****** and p**** to the truck full of boys. I heard their phone cameras flash and that I would be all over school by tomorrow. After they drove off I gave up on trying to leave myself unexposed, as it seemed pointless then. I managed to find my way to the main road and had to walk a mile and a half next to a highway completely nude. As I walked up to my door, I found the door to be locked and had to sit in the driveway for three hours as I waited for my parents to return home to let me in to the house.
thatguy353 thatguy353
22-25, F
Aug 25, 2014