My Evolved Body

  I also have only the top two wisdom teeth. One "erupted" a bit crooked but OK and the other may never come as I turn 60 next month [June 2009]. Are we so rare that only 3 to date have shared?

    How many wisdom teeth do your children have? I have no offspring but would be willing to create some for the genetic advancement of humanity.

   I once knew someone having no "little toe" and think that's advanced. I was told my toes have either one extra bone or one fewer than most people, I can't recall.

UPDATE 12/6/2012 : 3 1/2 years later I still have one crooked and one that never came out.

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I only have them on the top!

I also have only 2 wisdom teeth. They're on the top, and they're not impacted or anything so I probably won't have them taken out.

I only had two wisdom teeth! My father had none!! Interesting. :)

I'll have to count my teeth, but I have no recollection of sprouting wisdom teeth, and nor has my dad, so I suspect I might be "evolved" also.<br />
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But I hesistate to call it "evolved", because there is no selective pressure that I can see for having or not having wisdom teeth.<br />
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Sure, maybe in areas where there is no access to modern medicine and dental care, those extra wisdom teeth might rot, cause an infection and become fatal (upon entering the bloodstream, Bacillus bacteria have the ability to bind to exposed cartilage such as a heart valve, causing heart attacks), but likely not before producing offspring and them having grown into teenagers.

This is an example of evolution I believe, and yes, we are the next model of human beings.

Im 18 and im only getting my left 2 wisdom teeth.. the dentist looked at me weird when i told him that i havent had any taken out.. haha we're unique! :D

i have an extra vertebra.