I Was Out With This Young Man

When He had asked me, if I was gay?  And I, told him yes I was?  Why?  He wanted to know some terms and defintion of words and phrases, were?  I said like what? Fudge packing, *******, Fetishes, Golden Showers, *******....etc. So, I explained them to him, ad why do you want to know for?  He had asked me if I have done any of those?  I said, some, but not all?  and again I, asked Why?  He goes could we try a few of them and could you teach me?  And again, I said, Why?  He goes, I am curious, and I would like to try a few.  I asked, which ones, would you like to do?  He goes Fetishes, and *******, and fudge packing, and golden showers!  I asked him, why not *******, he said I don't like to be hit.  I go, tat has nothing to do with begin hit, an I explained to him it hurts like H---!  And I, am not into it at all, and I think it is gross, (sorry, if any one does it), OOch!  So, I was extermely high when I showed him and he was too, but he was into the *******, he liked that one, and was comfortable with it.  So the next one was Golden Showers, and he liked that one next.  And i had asked if he wanted to stop and of course the reply was no, continue.  I had asked, are you sure?  Yes, please show me more.  We did a few fetishes, and othr things before getting in to the fudge packing part.  He had asked, if it had to do with making candy? I laughed, and said no?  Then I, had to explain it to him and, then he wanted to do it to me first?  And, I did, and you know what, he knew everything, by the end of the night, and he was good at what he did to me, and a better f/packer, than some of the guys, that had done me before.  He tore my *** up that night.  Than it was my turn!  As, I was getting ready to do him in the ***, that urge came to me like it did when I was growing up as a kid?  And, that urge was s***ing my pants, He had asked if I was ok?  And, I told him I get this way, when there's a lot of xcitment going on, and the cramps were getting stronger, and I was bent over in pain.  He said, wll when are you going to do me?  I said as soon as the pain goes away?  Why, I asked,?  He goes do you have to poop, and again, I said yes, and really bad too!  Then, he goes then why don't you go in your pants, then?  I said, would that be alright with you if I, did?  He goes, Well I do it all the time when I m at home by myself.  I have found another pants pooper, and didn't even know it!  Just as I was getting ready to move in on him, I had went in my pants, and had filled my briefs, tll they were sagging, and he said to keep going.  So, I was riding him bare back, and the experience for me was shear excitment, and wonderful, and it felt like my body, had seen the light at the end of the tunnel.  I shot, the load of *** in his ***, and then he said if I could pee in his ***, as a rinse out.  I'll try, but if I rent a room at a motel, w could clean up there , and have another experience, later on, if you wish?  Beside, I have to go some where to clean up and change into some clean clothes.  So, we left ,and went to a local motel, got a room, and as I was taking a shower, he got in there with me, and I tell you, that boy knows more about sex, than I  will probably know, and I tell you he was a very, very very hung stud.  I seen him the other day, and it brought back memories of those months together, that I wish I was still with him!!!!!!!!WOW   WOW  , and he still poops in his pants, and if you would see him i those jeans, and see his c**k, and that tight ***, then you would want him also!   Good Enough to eat.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM;)

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 20, 2010