It Seemed Like A Good Ideal At The Time. Part One

This episode happened in the 6th grade towards the end of the school year. After having received numerous swats from Mrs. Johnson for a wide range of offenses I was really starting to hate that paddle of hers. One day our class was starting to talk to much during a discussion and Mrs. Johnson took her paddle out and smacked it a few times on her desk to get our attention. Fearing getting paddled the whole class quieted up. Just then the intercom buzzed. The principal needed Mrs. Johnson to come to the office. She said in a stern voice that she wanted us to stay quiet and stay in our seats that she would be back in a few minutes. When she left her paddle was sitting on her desk. I remember thinking what a shame it would be if that paddle were to disappear.Lynn the class bully who had also received numerous swats looked at me and asked if I would keep an eye out for the teacher she would hide the paddle in the coat closet. Another girl (I don't remember her name) said she wanted to help. It sounded like an good ideal. I knew that if we did away with that paddle she would have to get another one. This paddle of hers was frightful. If you ever got paddled with it you would know what I was talking about. It was half an inch thick with ten large holes in it. The "business end " was about 24 inches long and it had a long handle. Mrs Johnson would swing with both hands. She was a very athletic woman that played softball all through her school years and played on her college softball team. Lynn stood up and threatened to kick anybody's butt if they tell on her for taking the paddle. She walked to the front of the class and the other girl and I stood by the door.Lynn picked up the paddle and opened the coat closet. The other girl moved some items around the closet and Lynn put the paddle on the top shelf. The other girl put some items over it to hide it. About that time I heard the clicking of Mrs. Johnson's high heels coming from down the hall. I sounded the alert and we all sat down quickly. I started having second thoughts but it was too late. Mrs. Johnson walked and looked around for a few moments before sitting down.She started going through some papers and then she noticed her paddle wasn't laying on the desk. She opened the bottom drawer of the file cabinet where she normally kept it and it wasn't there. She slammed the drawer shut and stood up. She asked where her paddle was.Nobody said anything. She repeated the question. Still no response. She announced that if she didn't get her paddle she was going to paddle the whole class. Nobody thought she would do it. Okay she announced and then she left the classroom. A few minutes later she returned with the principal's paddle. Last chance she announced.
Kentuckyguy62 Kentuckyguy62
Jul 15, 2010