It Seemed Like A Good Ideal At The Time. Part Two

Everybody in the class looked around at each other. Mrs Johnson grabbed the first girl by the arm her name was Brenda Adams. She was a goody two shoes type and a teacher's pet. She had never been paddled before and she started to beg for Mrs. Johnson not to paddle her. Lynn gave Brenda an evil look and punched the palm of her hand a few times. Brenda was asked if she knew who took the paddle she said she didn't know. Mrs. Johnson opened the door to the classroom and took Brenda out in the hallway and gave her 5 hard swats leaving the door open during the paddling. Brenda cried from the first swat to the last.You could here each swat as it cracked across her butt She came back to the class crying and shaking . She tried to sit but couldn't. Next in line was another girl. I don't remember her name but I knew it started with an A. She had been paddled once before and knew what was coming. Mrs Johnson did the same thing to her giving her 5 hard swats while keeping the door open. She came back to the class crying but nothing like the crying that Brenda was still doing. Next in line was Brian Barton. He was a real sissy.He got paddled for cheating (5 swats) a few weeks ago and he cried like a girl for 20 minutes.He looked over at Lynn and Lynn gave him a threatening look. He didn't care if Lynn was to beat him up he could not handle getting paddled. He spoke up and told Mrs. Johnson that Lynn took the paddle. He went into the closet and got the paddle out.Lynn started denying doing it saying that Brian took it and he was just trying to get her in trouble. Mrs. Johnson looked around the class and demanded the truth. About 3 people spoke up and said Lynn did it. Lynn quickly said that me and the girl that helped her were in on it. Mrs. Johnson looked at me and asked if it was true. I knew I was in trouble and it would mean more trouble if I didn't admit it.So I admitted my guilt. Mrs. Johnson told all 3 of us to go out in the hallway and wait for her. She had us stay out in the hallway for 15 minutes and wait. The whole time we were waiting I was regretting getting involved.
Kentuckyguy62 Kentuckyguy62
Jul 15, 2010