It Seemed Like A Good Ideal At The Time. Conclusion

Mrs. Johnson came out in the hallway with her paddle in hand. I was thinking I was getting 5 swats but Mrs Johnson announced we were all getting 10 swats. The girl who helped us was told she was going first. She looked scared to death. She knew the drill though. She had been paddled before. She was wearing pink tights and a pink and white dress. Having been paddled while wearing tights I knew she was in for a rough time. I felt sorry for her.She bent over the chair and lifted her dress up and put her legs apart.I couldn't help but notice that she had no panties on under her tights. Having never seen a girls naked butt it excited me a little bit seeing her like that. She started to ask that Mrs Johnson not hit her as hard because of her lack of panties but decided to be quiet and get it over with.She assumed the position and waited on the first swat. After taking aim and waiting about 10 seconds Mrs. Johnson cracked her across the butt with the first swat. I could tell Mrs. Johnson was mad. By the third swat I could see her butt getting bright red through her tights. She was having a hard time holding still. The next swat landed on the bottom part of her butt. She squealed a little bit but managed to not move around too much.She gave her the next two swats one right after the other.She couldn't handle the pain any longer and hopped up. Four more Mrs. Johnson said. She bent back over and took the next swat across the bottom part of her butt.. Her butt was bright red by now. She started to hop up but Mrs. Johnson threatened her with penalty swats so she bent back over and held on so tight to the chair that I thought it would break. She took the final 3 swats and leaned up against the wall sobbing and rubbing her butt. Lynn was next she was navy blue tights and a matching skirt. Mrs.Johnson announced she was getting 5 swats. I was a little upset about that. Lynn assumed the position and took 5 hard swats.She was grinning because she thought she got off easy. I received 10 hard swats. She took her time paddling me. Making me wait 10-15 seconds between swats. My butt was on fire. My swats were the hardest since I am a guy.Mrs Johnson turned to Lynn and said the first 5 were for getting the first two girls who did nothing wrong in trouble and that she was going to receive 10 swats for taking the paddle.Lynn started to protest and refused to bend over. Mrs Johnson had me get the principal to hold Lynn down. He held her down and Mrs Johnson paddled her hard. Giving her 10 swats. Then she had Lynn bend over on her own and stand on her toes and gave her two swats across the back of the legs.I had never in my life seen anyone receive that many swats at school before.This really happened it was back in the mid 70's when things were different. Lynn was crying so hard and shaking that she had to go to the nurses office. She wasn't in school for 2 days after that. When she did come back she still was having difficulty sitting down.
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I think I'm in love with Mrs. Johnson... ;)


I remember getting swats in school in the 70s and 80s. the worst part was that my Mom was the principles secretary. I would get the swats from the Principle, then she would leave the room, and my mom would give me 10-15 more with the paddle.

When I think back on this I remember wanting to be the other girl (getting paddled with tights on no underwear) or maybe being Lynn ( getting all of those swats) . At the time I was wrestling with the fear of being paddled and the desire to have Mrs. Johnson paddle me I liked having to submit to her.. It took me a few years to sort things out. These days I am like you,I like to be disciplined by a female. (preferably while wearing tights and a skirt)

I too was paddled in Jr. high school and to this day still a very good memory. Even to this day I love being paddled, but has to be done by a woman.