Farewell To Mrs. Johnson

My last paddling from Mrs. Johnson came on the last day of school in the 6th grade. I was going to miss having Mrs. Johnson as a teacher. I had a lot of experiences in the 6th grade. One of which is that I liked being paddled by her. I would discover later on in life that I like to be paddled by a female. On this day I wore thin knit pants and a pair of black tights underneath with no underwear on. We were not going to have gym class since this was the last day it was only a half day I could wear the tights without anyone finding out . I wanted her to paddle me one last time before I moved on to the next grade but I couldn't come right out and ask her to paddle me so I had a dilemma. I acted up a couple times that day and the last time I acted up I had to sit in the corner. That was not what I wanted. After school I stayed behind and asked her if I could talk. She asked me what was on my mind. I swallowed hard I could feel my heart getting ready to jump out of my chest. I had to make something up. I told her that I stole some money from my mom and that my mom spanked me and that it didn't hurt at all and I didn't feel as if I learned anything . I asked her what she would do if any of her children stole from her. I knew what the answer was going to be but I wanted to hear it. She said she would give them a very thorough spanking. I told her I feel as though I needed a good hard spanking. She asked me if that is why I was acting up. I told her it was.Then she asked me the question that I was wanting to hear. "Would you like for me to paddle you? " I didn't say anything at first I was afraid of looking to eager. I looked down at the floor and did my best to look ashamed. She got up and got her paddle out. I was excited and scared at the same time. I knew it was going to hurt but it was what I wanted. She told to get the little chair and take it out in the hallway. She followed me out into the hallway and told me to bend over the little chair and assume the position. She asked me how many I thought I deserved. I was nervous so I took a deep breath and said 10. She asked me If I was sure. I said yes I deserve it. "You enjoy being paddled by me don't you?" she asked. I was embarrassed because she found out. "Don't worry about it I won't tell anyone " she said. Then she told me she wanted me to remember this last paddling she was going to give me. I asked how she knew I enjoyed it. She answered it was several things. The most obvious was that I got an erection every time she had to paddle me. I felt so ashamed that she noticed. She told me it was normal for some boys to get an erection when they were about to be paddled. I confessed to her that I enjoyed the paddling she gave me while I was wearing tights and the play costume. I was quick to say it hurt very much but at the same time I enjoyed it. she replied that she knew and it was okay. She then told me the play costumes were in the storage locker in the auditorium and if I would like to change into one. I couldn't believe what she said. I was quick to say yes. We went to the storage locker and after 10 minutes of looking she came across a pleated skirt and looked at me for a second. Without saying a word I took the skirt and went into the changing room. She said through the door to leave my black tights on. I couldn't believe she knew about the tights. I came out of the changing room and we went down the hallway to the classroom. We walked past several people but they didn't even give us a second look. She had me wait in the hallway for 5 minutes.I remember running my hands across my butt and feeling the tights and how good they felt on me. I was having a wide range of emotions going through me as I was anticipating the paddling.I put the chair in front of the glass door so I could see her stand behind me and swing the paddle When she came out in the hallway she was holding her paddle (the one with the 10 large holes) and asked me If I was ready. I replied that I was and I bent over the chair and waited for her to instruct me to lift my skirt and spread my legs apart. Before she started she said the first time she paddled me in tights was for not following instructions to put on a pair of tights and now here I am willing to get paddled while wearing tights and a skirt.Then she gave me the instructions to lift my skirt and move my legs apart. I waited for about 10 seconds and then the paddle smacked hard across my butt. It really stung but I was wanting this. She gave a swat every 10 seconds and they really burned. After the third swat I hopped up and rubbed my butt,she told me I was going to get penalty swats if I didn't bend back over.The forth and fifth swats were  close together across the bottom part of my butt. I hopped up again and she told me I was getting 2 extra swats. I bent back over and took the next two swats but the eight swat was extra hard across the center of my butt and I squealed and hopped up. The tears were flowing hard down my face.She warned me if I jump up again I would receive extra swats. I bent over and held on tight. The tenth swat made me hop up again. I finally got through it I thought to myself. She announced I wasn't done yet. I was getting a total of 15 swats on my butt and two across the legs.I wanted a good hard paddling and I was getting one.After the twelfth swat I couldn't even feel my butt all I could feel was heat as I hopped up.. I didn't think I could take three more swats but I held my breathe and held on tight to the chair and got through it. She had me stand on my toes and announced I had a choice between four swats across the legs or ten more across my butt. I chose the four across my legs. Two across the back of the left leg and two across the right leg. The swats across the back of my legs were extremely painful.She had me hold still and gave me one last hard swat across my butt that made my feet come up a little.I wanted a good hard paddling and that is what she gave me. I was crying uncontrollably and I had a lot of emotions I was feeling but I was thankful that she gave me a paddling to remember her by. This was the most swats I ever received at one time in school and the most memorable.
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Wow, I would have loved to have had Mrs. Johnson when I was in 6th grade!

Incredibly erotic story, I too live stories of females paddling males. I am sick of the over the knee thing too, I love the bend over paddlings. There are only two things that in my opinion would have made this story totally incredible. Those two things are: if you had bent over and grabbed your ankles instead of a chair, and, if your paddling could have been bare bottom with your,pants down to your ankles.