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I Saw Girls Paddled Hard

As you know i have had my share of swats in school, i lost count over a 100 i think 1 day into the first month of my senior year i was working in the school office,our principal figured if i was here i would cause less trouble,and if he needed to swat me i would not be to hard to find. next to the principal office is a storage room for supplies and if you stand on a box you can see threw a vent into the office, and someone getting swatted, as i did sometimes peek. On this day 3 girls ashley ,tiffany, and dannie were in the office  talking to mr metz our 2nd year principal you know the one who knows my butt real good. it turned out the girls had left campus bought lunch ate at tiffanys house and while there had snuck some beer and wine to drink. stacy the class tatle tale found out from listing to them in the restroom plus they were late coming back to school. and mrs lipman said she smelt booze on there breath. so the girls were in the office telling the story and i was listing at the vent. ashley and tiffany had talked dannie into it , i can tell you ashley and tiffany are no strangers to trouble.but dannie is cute shy and sweet and fallows along for friendship not knowing her friends are not the best role models. i heard mr metz lay down the law it was going to be swats or a week suspended wich meant no after school activities , and they would all have to do finals at the end of each semester. ashley and tiffany thought for a while they said swats dannie was not sure they told her it will be ok take the swats and still be able to do all the fun senior stuff, dannie agreed somewhat sobbing, mr metz said ok now lets get started he asked mrs lipman to be his witness. he had the girls face the back of his office then he called ashley first she is 5.5 110 lb strawberry blonde with a tough attitude and a great little body, nice tight *** and in those tight styrup pants it looked great. mr metz explained how to bend over feet apart grab ankels and hold on. i saw he still had his trusty old paddel. he put it next to ashleys *** and said 10 should do, she said 10 the most i evergot from a teacher was 4 he said im not a teacher. now bend over! her face changed and she started to sob then he took aim and pulled back ..WACK...she screamed out oooooch! he said stay still 9 more comming i could see tiffany and dannie really start to shake and cry some. next came WACK..and more ooooch. after the last wack  she was crying and holding her tight little butt she went to stand next to the others. next he called tiffanyshe was built like ashley small petite and with a great tight body 5.6 110 lb.i heard her plead no please no sir. he aid too bad now assume the position tiffany put her feetapart and bent over and graber her ankels those skintight levis wont help now. mr metz took aim as she still pleade no . then WACK!! ooooooch she screamed and jumped up grabing her butt. mr metz said bend over or get 1 at the end for moving she bent back over he took aim and wack...wack ..WACK THEY WENT EACH TIME SHE YELLED OUT that hurts. when she got her last one she was told to stand aside next was dannie she was 5.7.110 lb tight body we ride mountain bike on the week end andhave for years so she has a great tight mussle ***. and itlooks great in those tight kakis. as she walked over she to was crying no i have never been swated before she pleaded i felt sorry for her for what the other 2 had lead her to. mr metz just said assume the position she slowley put her feet apart and bent over showing me that tight *** in those pants. he put the paddle next to her cute butt took aim and pulled back over his head higher that the others and let go TWACK!!!aaaeeeeeeee she screamed and jumped up crying grabing her butt. mr metz told her to assume the position or else she stood crying holding her butt. he did a 5 count then said thats 1 more she bent back over crying again he took aim pullled back again high then TWACK!!! again she screamed but did not move up, her knees buckled he said reassume the position again aim WACK....ooooch...WACK...oooch WACK oooch she jumped up and said no mre please sir my butt hurts with this mrs lipman grabed dannie and held  her bent over while mr wetz finished the 10 and gave her 6 more for her actions she fell to the floor crying from the pain i was in the next room with a huge stiffy. after 15 min the girls left dannie was taken to the nurses office after school i picked her up and drove her home i told her about my swats she went into the bathroom she had me fallow she pulled down her pants then her thong no wonder it  hurt i put some aloe on it for her this was the first time i saw her naked she thanked me for the help.  we started going out after that and had a good sexual relationship our senior year. however she and tiffanyand ashley got swatted 2 more times together and her and i even got it  a few times for making out in school thats another story . i did spank it {pun} for several weeks after that and somtimes dannie would even watch and get the special reward she would let me shoot my load on her bear *** and i would watch it run in her crack.
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I got a 'huge stiffy' reading that! Imagine your stiffy if the girls had got paddled bare butt! I remember at school, me and this girl Karen were waiting outside the head teachers office one day. Mr. McGregor. He used the cane. I don't know what Karen's offence was but she was called inside first and the door was shut. There was a silence of about 10 seconds and then I heard a whimpering noise. Then a few seconds later, the sound of karens butt being caned. And I could tell she was getting it bare by the shrieking noise she was making. After 10 strokes she was wailing like a fire engine. I counted 15 and then she came out, blubbering desperately. Then I went in and after dropping my trousers, I got a thorough caning across my bare bottom. 20 for me, with desperate high pitched sound effects from about the 4 th stroke onwards. When I got home with a note from the school, I was over my dad's knee that evening for a bare bottomed spanking. I think the neighbors thought the world was coming to an end, I was screaming so loud. But it was all worth it when I went to bed that night, with my own butt still throbbing I recalled the noise of Karen's caning and my imagination went to work; as did my hand as I *********** hard and fast

Wow ! I like your story,and my school principal always paddled boys and girls every morning,during 1st period,one after the other,while the sec. got to watch each of the usually 10 to 15 different students being paddled.we could not see because she'd close the door before each paddling,but we'd all be real quiet and listen and we'd be able to hear the smacks..3,5,or 10 licks,and he used a shaven-down baseball bat style paddle,so the licks were very loud,and they stinged real bad too,but I always liked hearing the loud smacking sounds before it was my turn because I get all horny from listening over and over again,and something else that really turned me on was how the whole office always stayed smelling like the odor of smelly pee,because some of the girls would get all scared,and wet themselves and on the chai,and still doesrs,so you could always smell that strong,ammonia-like odor that smelled the same way wet pee-pee diapers smell,and it always used to turn me on from smelling it,and still does,just thinking about it..You Too?

I Saw Girls Not Getting Paddled so Hard In School<br />
<br />
Girls Got to Experience the NOT so hard paddling’s at the schools I went to.. The force used on them was just below there pain and tolerance levels.. With out inducing trauma or crying from it,. As someone stated in another topic else ware It releases endorphin’s A Pleasure Hormone,.<br />
<br />
Check for my story topic I Saw Grils not Getting paddled hard in school

WOW! what a show you saw. Bet you would have REALLY been in trouble if you had gotten <br />
caught spying. lol