I Went To A Christian School And Spanked On Bare Bottom By My Female Teacher Infront Of Classmates.

I went to a Christian school I was in fifth grade and,11,years old at the time boys and girls where in the same class,I was misbehaving, badly in class so our female teacher had me come up too her desk she gave me a choice half hour naked corner time or,twenty swats on bare bottom with paddle.I said paddle so she removed my pants and underwear and placed me over her lap and gave twenty swats on my bare bottom.In the state I live in it was legal for teachers too spank kids bare bottom in class infront of everyone,through the eighties,with parents permission.My mom always gave permission for the teacher to spank my bare naked bottom infront of my classmates.Then after my bare bottom spanking my teacher gave me a note to take home to my mom too read and return then after my bare bottom spanking my mom would also,made, me ***** naked in living room infront of my younger sister and my sisters female friends,then she spanked me on my bare bottom.After she spanked me she made stand in the corner completely naked to think about my punishment and what I did wrong for a half hour then she signed the note and told me to apologies to my teacher and the rest of of the class.The end.
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Should have been spanked a lot more, as it is evident you did not do you spelling homework. Perhaps buy a dictionary?

Lucky Dog!

It must have been very humiliating, when you get chastised in front of the female friends of your sisters being naked.<br />
<br />
How did they react? Did it happen again, when you had been older?