Paddled By My Female Teacher

When I was 8 spanking bare bottom was legal in school with parents permission I whent to a coed Christian school and boys and girls in the same class my teacher was female and was very strict and beleaved in spanking bare bottom my mom was the same way,so she oked for my teacher too spank me on my bare bottom when needed.One day I was misbehaving badly in class my teacher came upto my desk and told me to start behaving or you will get a bare bottom spanking.Then after lunch we all whent back to class about an hour later I was misbehaving again,my teacher told me to come upto her desk and face the class.Then our female teacher made me remove my pants and underwear,infront of all the boys and girls.After that she grabbed a paddle she kept on her desk,then made me bend over and gave me five swats on my bare bottom.After my spanking my teacher made me stand in the corner for a time out and spanking in school bare bottom was legal in the state I'm in with parents permission. The end
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What grade did you last get paddled at school? Was that one the only bare bottom one at school? How did mom spank you at home and until what age?

I was spanked bare bottom upto 7th grade four times in class by female teacher,my mom spanked me on bare bottom upto 16 infront of everyone.

Did you get a bare bottom spanking in 7th grade from a female teacher too? How far down did she take the pants and underwear and who saw you spanked then. You must have been 12 and had you started puberty by that time?

What spankings did you get from mom at ages 12-15 (like 7th-10th grade) and did she always spank bare even if company was there? Who has seen you spanked bare by mom before? Has she ever spanked any of your cousins before or friends?

My mom spanked me on bare bottom upto 10th grade infront of my cousins and friends,and my younger sisters friends,and she spanked my cousins mostly on the underwear,if misbehaving badly,boys only.

Did she tell you to pull down your own pants and how far down? If you and a male cousin were getting spanked at same time would you get bared and him spanked on underwear or would both get it bare? Did your aunt see you spanked before and has your mom ever spanked a friend before?

what was the 10th grade spanking for and how was it done? was anyone there to see that spanking?

How often a year were you spanked by mom in jr high and early high school

When mom spanked me and my cousins for misbehaving she removed my pants completely the made remove my underwear all the way off and could not cover my penis or she would swat my hands.My cousins was aloud to keep their underwear on.And at school my 10th grade spanking was for starting a fight in class.I spanked about 10 more time by mom on bare bottom only for misbehaving badly.

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Great comment thanks like good comments please read more and comment thanks texad.

I was lucky that i never got spanked at school,but i got plenty of letters to take home & that always got me a spanking.Sometimes my Dad would be called to come & collect me,one time he did & was so mad he hitched my skirt up,pulled down my panties,put me across his knee & spanked the hell out of my bottom.Then said to the teacher & principal,'thats what you do when she misbehaves',lol.