My Favorite Teacher

This is my first time posting a story so I am a little nervous putting it out there. This true account happened in high school with a woman teacher I had a strong attraction to. So if the thought of two females repulses you then please don't read. I was always a rebellious type and had been paddled many times through school. My parents got tired of me always getting in trouble and sneaking out and having sex with boys and on a couple of occasions a girl that was five years older than me. The clincher for them was when I got caught having sex in my room with the boy down the street. So they sent me to a strict all girl's private school for my high school years.(We had to wear these hideous blue and black plaid skirts and white shirts for our uniform.) There was a teacher that was very attractive and young (she was about 30 at the time). Her name was Miss W. ( Sorry I can't give out her name ). I had a big time crush on her. I would often fantasize about having sex with her. I tried on several occasions to get her to paddle me but I didn't succeed. I got tired of writing sentences and having the principal paddle me.I stayed after school one day to work on my term paper in the school library and I was having a terrible time with my assignment so I headed to Miss W's class to see if she could help me. I knew she would be in her classroom grading papers. As I got ready to turn the corner and head down the hall to her room I heard Miss W. talking in a loud stern voice. I stopped and peaked around the corner and she was holding a large paddle with holes in it. There was a girl who I didn't know getting a verbal tongue lashing from Miss W.. I saw a small chair sitting in the hallway. I knew what was going to happen next. Miss W. ordered her to bend over the chair,put her feet about a foot apart,hold her butt out,grab the seat of the chair and lift up her skirt. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt myself getting wet just thinking about the paddling that was to come. I was envious,I wanted her to paddle me too. The girl got into position and lifted her skirt. (This was standard practice at this school) Miss W. took the paddle and tapped the girl's butt a few times and asked her if she was ready. The girl said yes. Miss W. drew back the paddle and waited a few seconds and then smack!. It sounded like a gunshot. The girl hopped and squealed and started rubbing her butt. Miss W. told her to get back in position or she would get extra swats. The girl bent back over and received two more swats before getting back up again. She was sobbing and crying about how bad it hurt. Miss W. told her she had two more swats coming. The girl got back into position and received two more hard swats. Miss W. told her she could go. The girl grabbed her books and hurried down the hall and out the door crying and sobbing all the way. I was very turned on by what I saw. I thought about going to the bathroom and taking care of myself but I was afraid of getting caught so I didn't. I went on to Miss W.'s room. When I entered I saw her paddle laying on her desk. "I didn't know you had a paddle" I told her. "Yes but I don't like to use it" "Sometimes though a good hard paddling is the only way to get through to some girls" she said. I couldn't take my eyes off her paddle. It had ten large holes and a large handle. The business end was very large. It had a nice smooth look to it. "Is there something you need Cassy?" she said . I told her I needed help with my assignment. She agreed to help me. Then she asked me if there was something else I needed. I wanted a good hard paddling from her is what I wanted. I summoned up my courage and said" Miss W. I do have something else on my mind" She looked at me with a puzzled look. I looked at her paddle again. She then said " Are you wanting me to paddle you?" After a few moments of silence I said "Yes" "So that is why you are always testing me" she said. "This is a first time somebody asked me to paddle them" she said. I could feel myself getting really wet just thinking about what was to come. I had on a thin pair of cotton panties and navy blue tights. I knew my butt didn't have much protection but I wanted her to paddle me. "Okay lets do this then" she said. We went into the hallway and I got myself into position and lifted my skirt. "How many should I give you?" she asked. "I have been very bad so what ever you think I deserve" I replied. "Okay how about five?" she said I said okay. I felt her paddle touch my butt and I almost had an ****** right there. She then rubbed my butt with the paddle. Then the paddle went off my butt. I knew it was coming and it was going to hurt but I wanted this so bad.Smack! the paddle landed hard across the bottom part of my butt. It felt like somebody had put a hot branding iron on my butt. I kept my composure and waited for the next one. about ten seconds later the paddle landed hard across the center of my butt. It hurt like hell.Pain and pleasure at the same time. The third and fourth swats were close together. I couldn't believe I was taking the swats from her. I gripped onto the seat of the chair real tight. "Last swat unless you feel that you need more swats" she said. My **** was so hard I could feel it . I could feel a large ****** building up inside of me. I had never felt the way I was feeling in my girlie parts before this. I knew I needed more swats to get me over the climax that was building up inside of me. Smack! the last swat landed hard across the bottom part of my butt. It stung like my butt and thighs had been set on fire. "Please Miss W. five more swats" I pleaded. I couldn't believe I said that. "Okay but once I start I won't stop until you received all five" she said. The next two swats landed hard across the center of my butt and that is when I started feeling myself spasm . I was actually having a small ******. I had never had one without rubbing myself before. It felt so good I didn't want it to stop. Then I felt the paddle rubbing across the bottom part of my butt. " Cassy are you getting off from this?" I was busted. "Yes Miss W. I had fantasized about you many times" " Well I am speechless Cassy. You really are a naughty girl" she said. The rubbing across my bottom continued for a few moments. Then after a brief pause the paddle cracked hard across my butt. "Since you are enjoying this so much the last two will be extra hard" she said. She wasn't lying the last two swats lifted my feet up. I was crying and gasping for breathe. She embraced me for a moment and then said" You are a very confused girl, you are discovering your sexuality. Unfortunately I can't help you at this time. Maybe after you are done with school I can help you. But until then you need to put your feelings in check." My bottom was throbbing along with other parts of me. I said I would try to keep things in check as I was wiping away my tears. As I turned to leave she said "If you ever need another paddling I would be glad to give you one" I smiled at her and said it was a deal. I took her up on the offer several more times before I graduated from school. My bottom was bright red and had small bruises on it for a few days after the paddling. The sting lasted all through the next day and I had a hard time sitting down on a hard surface. After I was done with school I looked her up and found out she was a closet lesbian. I had a few intimate dates with her that were very special to me. She helped me out in a lot of ways and I will always be thankful for her. I will never share the intimate details of Miss W. and I so please don't ask.I have other stories about being paddled that I can share but this one was the most memorable one for me.
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Great story. You should share other stories with us.

Very Amazing - and thanks for telling.. Honest and intense..

Mixing sex and pain is the best combination for a girl to really enjoy get to know herself and find who she really is. It clarifies and defines who she is and what she likes.

Oh Cassie, I so enjoyed your story. Lesbian spanking is very exciting to me as a male. Glad you enjoyed and eventually connected with your teacher. I was never spanked in school and very little at home. As an adult I developed a spanking fetish which I really felt as a teenager. I go to professional dominatrixes to fulfill my needs. Nothing like being taken over a women's knee and spanked to ******.

God I want one of those. I too had a teacher I had dreams of.. I never would of had the guts to ask her for the paddle.. I didn't have to.. Just had to misbehave or slack off on the school work enough.. she would send me to the hall if I kept it up, and did on more than a few occasions.. Your story makes me want to write about her.

your really brave

Very interesting story and nothing to be nervous about amongst the spanking community. I'm starting to think that we're more normal than most! :-)

what a great story.

I like your stories. You are such a good writer. I can tell this was a very memorable and good experience for you. Do you still receive paddlings from other women?


Such a great story, very erotic thanks! Would love to hear more.

I don't think its harmful at all,. Cassy it sounds weird to others but its your taste .. As myself I enjoyed getting others Paddled NOT so hard at school,. loved there reactions about it afterwards.. I knew that the hard paddlings were all about pain.. crying.. Trauma.. <br />
<br />
Also take into consideration.. there were others around that enjoyed seeing hard Paddlings done .. and how many swats a boy could take before the tears and crying started,. I didn't enjoy hearing about or seeing those paddlings at all, and deemed them harmful. <br />
<br />
Principle/s know my stance about hard paddlings. I didn't agree too them . they were performed hard only on the boys,. Girls were not Paddled at some schools.. And at others that did paddle Girls didn’t paddle them as hard either,. And I was wanting to experience the same type of paddling that Girls were experiencing . <br />
<br />
I only Experienced One like that in first grade private school,. And remembered it.. Stung and tingled a bit.. Wasn’t Pleasant .. But not too painful either,. In fact I found it to be a Tad Bit what I can only describe as receiving Therapeutic type of Discipline..

very nice and i understand the fetish its a good fetish

You are FAR from alone in being aroused by spanking! ( I call it..."Erotic Discipline"!) It has been an erotic passion of mine all of my life!<br />
<br />
I notice you haven't been back here for about a month...I hope you come back soon! Your story was incredibly arousing! ;)<br />
<br />
- Michael

Well as far as I can tell jimrich would probably say that you have something wrong with your head. But it seems to me that he is more nearly the sicko between the two of you because he sees everything from an adultished point of view. And jimrich who is very mistaken about the whole world is also accomplished and you're OK too.

Thank you for your support I appreciate it. I was trying to put together the story where I got paddled with just my tights on but it was too long,not to mention I got very heated remembering the events of that day (WOW !). I was going to go school with no panties on but I didn't want to get caught with nothing under my skirt so I wore a pair of black patterned tights so no one would know I was bare butt. The sting was intense and the tights held in the heat. I didn't mind wearing tights after that !. By the way I can relate to watching others getting paddled it always excited me to watch and listen to the smack of the paddle striking its target.

i have been spanked while wearing tights too. i do agree they add to the whole experience

It sounds like you have a lot of good stories to tell. Did you ever get paddled with others? We would love to hear more of your stories

I am actually a little hesitant to share some of my accounts because there is a lot of people who don't understand spanking fetishes and think I am a pervert or something . Then there those people who think the stories are works of fiction. This hurts my feelings because I know what I experienced and so does my butt (LOL !). I grew up in the 70's when paddlings were an everyday occurrence. I may share some other stories in the near future though. . By the way one of the paddlings I requested from Miss W. I didn't wear any panties that day,just a pair of tights That was a very painful and sensual paddling. I wore the tights so no one would know I was going pantiless I had no idea that wearing the tights would intensify the sting like it did . Miss W. saw my bare butt through my tights and wasn't too happy about it. That may be my next story I post. Being that you are a guy I am not sure you can relate to getting paddled with just a pair of tights to protect your butt. However I could be wrong.If you haven't you need to try it. It is very intense. Trust me on this.

I understand you liking of being paddled. I too developed a liking for it when I was in the orphange I grew up in.

Yes I can relate to it.. A lot of People don’t understand that the Paddle is a Unique Instrument
which a lot of People refer to it as an “ Implement ” if you look both words up in the dictionary the Words “ Instrument “ and “ Implement ” Are the same:

instrument &gt;noun 1 a tool or implement, especially for precision work. 2 a measuring device, especially in a vehicle or aircraft. 3 (also musical instrument) a device for producing musical sounds.

implement &gt;noun a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, used for a particular purpose. &gt;verb put into effect.

What Makes the Paddle Unique is the force being used either lowered “Not hard ” or increased amount of force “hard” will cause different sensation levels of pain or discomfort , from mild sting, moderate sting.. Or being done hard will feel severe like, Stinging , Burning and Searing, My Preferences were Mild to Moderate Swatting from the Paddle ,. Back then in the 70s early 80s the All Hard Paddler’s / Swatters I had dealings with.. Couldn’t comprehend my taste and preference and wouldn’t swat me ,

I understand where your coming from I enjoy them to. Can you give me any advice on how to ask someone to paddle me?

Since I don't know the area you grew up in, ask the swatter to do it mildly to you so you can get a feel for it,. A few months ago in "march 2012" had a gal over we talked about it, she grew up in another area she didn't get paddled in school but seen other girls get it, stated they paddled them as hard as the boys, as our conversation went on.. I told her the area that I grew up in didn't paddle girls overly hard like th boys, then I got things going from that point, asked if she'd like to experience that type of swatting ,

she said why not, I got my two boards out that are about the average school regulation sized 20 x 4 x 1/2 thick and my 20 x 4 x 1/4 inch thick board with holes in it, she couldn't pick which one.. so I used the lighter one first it was about 12 swatts at girls / mild force.. the first six with the lighter one then the other 6 with the hevyer one, she said the 1/2 inch thick one tended to burn a little more,. then I took my turn she swatted me,. anyways I pointed out that I didn't think Paddling Especially Girls hard was cool in school.. and what my taste was at a young age in regards to being paddled,.

Me being a Boy and wanting a swatting done to me at the same amount of force to be used on me that’s normally used on the girls , Got back to my Parents at home on more then one occasion

First time this got back it was nearly disastrous at home, but once things got cleared up from that first time , the second time at another elementary school It wasn’t as bad of a problem since the black man principle knew how to do it, no real issues were raised up, plus I had more then a few other fellow boys swatted with nearly the same amount of force two,. To them it was quite an experience to feel it only stinging and not burning or feeling like there rear ends were on fire,.

. The next time was in Jr high school.. This was the last time this issue ever came up,. We concluded The School administration were the one’s whom had the problems about it,. As me and my mother talked about it and about my prior school and the first time this came up.. We Realized one thing.. Both schools that raised the issue at home to my parents were schools that mainly had the middle class student enrollment , ware as the prior elementary school had poorer or working class student enrollments,. Or a near inter-city type of school,. It was kind of funny when we concluded that the middle class school principle or assistant principles and with all these extra guidance counselors seemed to have there minds/brains up in the clouds or in la la land or some ware else ,.

My mother said there wasn’t a problem and could have proceeded with the paddling with the force I had requested them to use on me,. So we Kind of turned the tables on them,.

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