I Hated My Teacher

In second grade, i had gotten paddled by the principal 4 times before x-mas. After x-mas, my class went to a science fair that the 7th and 8th put on. When we were there, my class went back to our room and i didn't know they had left. When i noticed my class was gone, i headed back. As soon as i walked into our room, the teacher saw me and said,"i've had enough of you. She grabbed my arm and her switch and took me into the coat room. She knelt down and set the switch on the floor and then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I started to cry as she pulled my pants and undies down. With my clothes around my ankles, she grabbed my wrists with one hand and almost lifted me off the ground. The other hand started swinging the switch. When she stopped, i was it hurt so bad that i couldn't even stand. She left me on the floor, rubbing my butt and crying. It took a while before i could pull my pants up and go back to my desk. I didn't sit the rest of the day. When i got home, i was scared to tell mom what happened. When i went to sit down for supper, i jumped when i sat. Mom knew why and asked if i had gotten it again at school. Sheepishly, i said yes. She got angery and grabbed me and pulled my pants and undies down for another spanking but stopped when she saw my rear and red undies. She asked who did this and i told her through my tears and crys. She stood me up and took me into the bathroom where she counted 23 switch marks. After applying something for the pain, she rapped a towel around me and pinned it. The next day,she kept my oldest sis and i home while she went to the school. After a few days, she made me go back to school. When i walked into class, i noticed we had a different teacher. My friends told me, mom walked in, asked her name and then beat the sh.. out of her and then had her fired. Thanks mom, luv ya.
badslaveneedswhipping badslaveneedswhipping
Jul 16, 2012