I went to a private school for 13 years and they were very strict! No skirts above knee no chewing gum no talking without raising hand and if any of these rules were broken it was an automatic paddling!
Well it happened one day I chewed gum in gym class and got caught but I lied about it and got caught !
I was immediately taken to the office where I awaited my first paddling boy was I nervous
The teacher came cause only female staff could paddle female students and vice versa
She was a very overweight teacher so she put everything into that swing I felt like my butthole was gonna fall out!
I had to bend over put hands flat on seat of chair
I got five wacks with the biggest wooden paddle I have ever seen in real life! Before each wack she would tap my bottom real lightly then bam! I had gotten paddled one more time after that for a skirt that was too short and after that second time I swore never again!!!!
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Jan 15, 2013