Paddled At Home

I went to a Christian school my whole life from age five to 17.
My school paddled their students as young as kindergarten to as old as seniors in high school if needed

I was never paddled in school probably bc I got it so much at home that I knew better then to act up there too!
I would say on average I was paddled two times a month by my mother rarely my father
There was absolutely no tolerance for things like grades below a B, dishonesty about anything or clothes that were not modest.
Which the last one is what got me the worst paddling of my life I can still remember to this day !
I was sixteen years old and my friend had came over for the day it was a weekend I think, we were just doing typical girl stuff but then she had brought over some makeup ( which was forbidden in my house) and I had tried it on and also a skirt that I wore that was my friends but it came maybe a inch above my knee
Now growing up it was skirts middle to below knee and for sports we had wear loose fitted culottes below knee
So when my mother saw what I was wearing along with the makeup she had no tolerance for it!
I was pentacostal so not even ear piercings were allowed.

My mom automatically had my friends mom come get her and I knew I was in for it.!!
After my friend had left I explained to her we were not going out anywhere just staying in so no one would even see us ! She did not want to hear it! She sternly said get up to your bedroom I knew it was coming her face was so red and her voice soooo serious
Couple seconds later I heard my mom come up stairs she opened the door the dreaded wooden paddle in her hand
That thing was so huge at least 20 inches long about 8 inches wide and maybe 1/2 inch thickness just estimate but it was practically a board with a handle
I had to lay on my stomach with my face down in bed with legs straight down and both arms out so there was no chance of hitting my fingers hands or anything but my bottom with the paddle.
I got twenty whacks that day
Everyone my mom layed into me like there was no tomorrow
I yelped with everyone she gave It felt like it lasted forever!!
Then when she was finished she would quietly walk out of the room and I layed there for probably a good 45 min that day without moving ! It hurt so bad I have to admit though I think I turned out great I think the paddle helped me in my life actually and I might have then but I don't regret any if them now.
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Do you still need the paddle in your life?

Did you get it over your pants and panties that time? Did you have other siblings and if so did they get spanked by mom the same way? Until what age did you and your siblings get spanked?

I think that was way too severe a punishment for trying on makeup, but I'm glad you turned out great and without resentment.

Was the paddling over your pants? How often did you have to feel it at high school age?

Yes the paddlings were always over clothes (which probably helped me out a little bit :-/) I was paddled from probably starting at age 12 in this sort of fashion before that age it was over knee done by hand. But the paddlings went on until I was 19 which is when I moved out so like three years ago.