School Paddling Experiences

I was paddled at school from elementary school through high school. In elementary school, teachers were allowed to paddle, and all the teachers had a wooden paddle in their desk drawers. 

What happened was that if you were gonna get a paddling, you had to go into the hallway and the teacher would follow you out, paddle in hand. Then you had to stand against the wall and told exactly why you were going to get a paddling. After that you had to bend over, hands on knees, and got spanked. Most teachers gave only 2 or 3 swats, but my 5th grade teacher sometimes gave 5. After you were paddled you had to go back into the classroom and everyone would know you got a paddling. That meant fielding questions for the rest of the day about how many swats, did it hurt, etc. I ended up getting 3 or 4 spankings per year, so by the time I got to middle school, I was an old hat at paddlings.

In middle and high school, things changed. Starting in middle school, all paddlings were administered in the office by the vice principal. In middle school you had the choice of detention or a paddling. I always chose the paddle, mainly because I did not want to waste time in detention after school. When I was sent to the office for a paddling, I would be asked if I wanted detention or a paddling, and I would always choose a spanking, get it over with. Then I got lectured for a few minutes about exactly why I was getting a paddling. After that, I would be told to stand up, and to bend over the desk. After I was bent over, the VP would tap the paddle on my bottom to "take aim" before giving me 3 hard swats. After the paddling, I was told to stand up, and my hands would fly to my spanked bottom and rub furiously. I was given a pass back to class and allowed to leave. On the way, I always stopped by the bathroom to check out my bottom in the mirror. My bottom was sore after getting spanked, but usually no worse than dark pink where the paddle had landed. I probably got at least 15 paddlings from 6th - 8th grade.

My high school had 2 vice principals, one for 9th & 10th grade, and one for 11th & 12th grades. Both were authorized to paddle, although it was no secret that the VP for 9th & 10th grade paddled  harder. Either VP could paddle anyone, so really it was the luck of the draw as to who spanked you on a particular day. What would happen was pretty much the same thing as in middle school, you had to go to the office, and were given the choice between detention, iss, or a paddling. Then just like in middle school, you were lectured about why you were going to be spanked, then told to stand up and bend over the desk. Then you were given 5 swats.

Only real difference was that in high school, in addition to getting 5 swats instead of 3, was that the swats were given about 5 seconds apart. In middle school, the swats were given quickly, SPANK!SPANK!SPANK! and it was over. When you got to high school, it was different. You got the 1st swat SPANK!! About 5 seconds later SPANK!! then another pause SPANK!! then another pause SPANK!! and finally SPANK!! the last swat was administered and you could stand up. Then, just as in middle school, you were given a pass back to class and allowed to leave. I always stopped in the bathroom to check my bottom, and noticed that my bottom was usually very red, not to mention sore.

In high school I probably got 20 - 25 spankings, my last one being about a month before graduation.

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I remember one time in 6th grade I got my butt torn up. I was in a class where the teacher was known as the queen of the paddlers. She could make even the toughest boys scream when she popped their butts. One day, I even remember the date . It was Nov. 20th ,1973. We were in class when a boy who was known as very tough came to the door and told Mrs. Powell that his teacher had sent him to her to get a paddling for running in the halls. He begged Mrs. Powell not to paddle him. She went to get her boys paddle but it wasn't there. I had remembered seeing it in the coat closet that morning. I got out of my seat(big mistake) and went toward the closet to get it for her. I really wanted to see Johnny get his but blistered because she usually did it at her desk in front of the class. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I saw it earlier in the closet. She told me to sit back down and if she needed anyone to help her find it that she would ask. I made the mistake of rolling my eyes at her and smartly saying well, Im just trying to help.
She went to the clost and found the paddle and called me to come to her desk. My heart jumped up into my throat. I slowly walked up to her desk and she told me to bend over her desk. I could tell that she was really mad so I did exactly as she asked. I had on tight blue jeans and silk panties. I knew that my butt was in for the worst paddling that I had ever had. I had received several before in lower grades but they were with a small ping-pong type thin paddles that didn't put much sting on your butt.I was about to be paddled with the boys paddle which was much larger and thicker. I had NEVER seen a girl paddled with the boys paddle. The first lick picked me up off the floor and stung like I had just set on an iron. I was determined not to cry and the 2nd lick hurt just as much as the first. I knew that all my classmates were watching as the3rd lick stung my butt good. licks 4 and 5 got the lower part of my butt and it felt like the sting was running down to me toes. She then asked me if I would ever do that again and I said no mam. She said I am going to make sure that you don't and she gave me 3 more hard licks. Tears were streaming down my face cheeks while my butt cheeks were a ragin firepit. She told me to have a seat. I looked at Johnny, who had witnessed the entire paddling, and he looked horrified. She then told him that he was next and he got 5 licks and and he let out a yell after each one and started dancing around and rubbing his bottom when the last one landed. I got several more in later grades but this was absolutely the worst paddling the I ever received.

Moral of the story: No "good" deed ever goes unpunished. :) Also, never butt into someone else's paddling.

One time, I got into big trouble at school but wasn't punished at school but got picked up by my mother instead. I knew I was in for it when I got home. On the drive home, my younger sister alternated between teasing me about how much trouble I was in and asking my mother what she was going to do to me. Once we got home, even after being warned, my sister continued to pester both of us. My mother told us to go to our separate rooms but my sister followed me into mine and kept saying that she bet I was going to get the belt. My mother came into the room holding a belt and my sister laughed and said, "I knew it." My mother was boiling mad that my sister hadn't listened to her and ended up giving her a dose of the belt first before my turn.

At least you were told why you were being paddled. My first grade teacher when she paddled a student she would take them out in the hall paddle in hand and all she would say is this is for your own good and then swat,swat, swat. The swats weren't over excessively hard but not knowing why you were being paddled was unfair.

I was paddled in the Memphis public schools,and the way they did it I still remember,was the principal called all of the boys and girls who'd been written up to report to the office all together,then the one of the secretaries would call our parents to get the okay to paddle us (if we didn't want licks) and once all that was with ,done with,one of the two secretaries would go back with the principal,and she'd begin calling us in one after,to be paddled 3,5,10 times with a shaven down baseball bat style paddle,and we,d all get all quiet and listen each time a boy or girl would get called in and the door would close,then after a couple of minutes,we,d begin to hear the loud smacks coming out from the rear office,over and over again and again,and usually when the students would come out,they,d be crying and rubbing their behinds,and then the secretary would call in the next one,and then we,d all listen again,and soon it would happen all over again,and sometimes you would hear..bend over and put both of your hands flat on top of the,spread your legs apart,and look straight ahead at the pretty picture on the wall..I'm going to issue you 10 licks across your lower behind,and they are going to be very painful,so hold real still for me,and keep your hands on the desk,until I've finished giving you all 10 licks..okay..are you ready to receive your punishment for being disruptive in class ?....SMACK!.....SMACK!....SMACK!....SMACK!....And don't ask me why,but I remember that hearing the loud smacking sounds over and over would turn me on big-time,as I'd sit there and listen carefully,and something else that also used to turn me on was how the office smelled too..some of the girls would get so scared from hearing the paddle being used,that they'd wet themselves,and on the chairs while waiting their turns,and so as soon as you'd enter the office,the first thing that you'd notice was that strong ammonia-type odor..( like wet diapers )..that's produced from smelly pee-pee,and I remember that I loved that strong pee-wet odor because I'd never been any where in my whole life and smelled the odor of wet pee that strong,and I,d always close my eyes and listen to the loud smacks of the paddle,and breathe in the strong odor of the wet pee,as deeply as I could,and it would turn me on for the whole rest of the day,and I'd go home that night and think about every thing all over again in the privacy of my bed room,and I'm sure that you know what else I'd always do after that !....Bob in Memphis

I bet sitting there listening to someone else get paddled added anxiety which tended to make your paddling hurt more. How did the girls take their paddlings? Were they wearing jeans or skirts?

YES!...pdarkow..I'm sure that listening to others being paddled caused anxiety,and that's the reason that the office always stayed smelling like wet pee everyday!...And most girls wore tight slacks back then,so that's what they were paddled in...tight slacks(pink,purple,blue,black,white in color)..and some in pee-wet slacks also,as I explained,..and some girls did wear jeans and skirts,but most wore thin,colored,slacks...and I'm sure that they felt the licks real good,by the way they would be crying and smelling of pee after the paddlings!..just to answer all of your questions.


I had similar experiences. I got into far more trouble in Middle School than in other grades and I seem to recall that there always seemed to be more kids sitting or standing at the office during those years. I guess it was all those raging hormones.

Did you get paddled more or the same as other students in school? Answer if you care to. Ms. Mary Nung

5 seemed like the norm here too.. You could end up getting more, but 5 seemed like the most common.. It was more than enough..

i understand where your coming from but only i thing different we got it on are bare *** and it made my *** real red and blistered. and i cried beause it hurt bad.

wow hot story

The paddle is a form of applied psychology that should only work when there is an end in view!

I am hearing reports, not so much about that schools are still paddling kids, which, for the proper offense is okay, in my opinion, but why they are getting paddled is what is annoying me: they are often getting paddled because of low scores, failing tests, and other academic issues – reasons that are not acceptable. If the offenses are disciplinary issues, such as direct misbehavior, fighting, or insubordination, then this would be acceptable.

In the first grade, my teacher slapped my hands for sloppy handwriting or getting the math problems wrong. It hurt very much. I was a little petite kid, at the age of seven and wondered what I did to deserve it. I never got paddled with a wooden board. I wish I had a different teacher in first grade. In the second grade, if you didn't finish your work on time the teacher said stand up. She swatted me on the behind then laughed.

In 6th grade I had to recite my multiplication tables the first day of school. Each one I missed I had to write 10 times. The second day of school for each one I missed when I recited them I got a smack with the paddle. Not a real hard one but it stung and after a few I had tears in my eyes. After 2 days of this I knew my tables throughly.

I was spanked alot when i was in school back in the 80s. I had testicular cancer when i was 16, i wonder if that and the spanking has anything in common? Would anyone know?

Angel, you certainly have a lot of school paddling experience, especially for a girl. What in the world did you do to get paddled so often? I was paddled 6 times in school in the 70's myself and more typically in front of the class room bending over and grabbing my ankles. I deserved them all mostly for talking too much and clowning when I should have been studying. They stung but I did learn and ultimately became a good student..

You're certainly a most interesting person

I was paddled numerous times in school. The max you could get was 10. But that was only for severe violations. The usual was 5 or 6, A woman teacher could paddle guys or gals. A male teacher could only paddle the guys. I have a favorite true account of mine where I got paddled in the 10th grade by a female teacher that I had a big crush on. (Yes I am female but I am not a lesbian ) She was young,single and very attractive. I may share the story I haven't decided yet. Eight years later I met that teacher and much to my disbelief she was a lesbian and we "hooked up" a few times. That story I will never tell.

On a kinky physical level I did, even though it was socially humiliating torture to an adolescent before his peers.

The word that got bleeped out was not a cuss word, it was a reference to a crime perpetrator, a word you would hear on L & I SVU.

At any rate, the procedure of grabbing your ankles stretches the most tender tissue of the hindquarters over the tailbone like a rubber band, helpless to flex a defense, prone to absorb the maximum sting and bruise possible. It is a compound punishment, both ensuring a stinging burn that will flare up later even after it has subsided, and as well psychological torture of having your adolscent pride spanked like a child. You feel like a big a/h baby, when other kids ask you "How'd the paddle feel?".

We had a cruel gym teacher who enjoyed whacking bare hamstrings in gym trunks. He also would round up boys and line them up on the cafeteria stage. They were on "spank row". While the kids ate their lunch, they'd be subject to watching boys getting their bare legs paddled. At any time during the school day you could hear numerous paddle crackings of different pitches and rhythms echoing up and down the hallway. Whether or not you were one of the "lucky" recipients, your nerves and eardrums were accosted and assaulted with it.

I can't believe in this stupid dumbed-down society of today (society was much smarter and more aware 40 years ago) that there are people who seek to legitimize this sort of thing. I don't mean to attack those who do - rather, to wake them up - put two hands on your brain's wheel. Something is wrong with this picture.

Do you want some strange idiot smacking your child? Bare in mind, the teacher's union needs to be pushed back a bit. The governor in Jersey stopped dead in their tracks the free medical health insurance ride post retirement that they were getting away with. Their union is all too powerful and they need to be downsized. I'm all for computer tutorials costing them as many jobs as possible.

Capt1, your "guidelines" are ridiculous. Don't you get it? No one can "legitimize" spanking by a ********* teacher. Strange unrelated adults have absolutely NO BUSINESS playing with a kid's behind.

That said, the experience was kinky and perverted. It was undeniably sexual. When an ugly mean teacher raped you, it wasn't fun. But you got whistled at by the other students.

When a charming teacher who related to you with smiles and honest responses spanked you, it was a mixed feeling; you may not have appreciated having your tail bobbing up and down in a sexy little spankdance, but both you and the teacher were sexually gratified at some level.

At the school dances, the best male dancers were all paddleboys.

In the sixties boys were paddled especially from the 7th to 9th grades at the peak of their raging hormones. If you wore tight pants, as many of us did, the teachers would find any excuse to paddle you.

You were summoned to the front of the class, ordered to face the blackboard, bend down, and grab your ankles. The teacher aimed for the scrotal section of the crack, and hamstrings. The burn made you lose your grip as your hands slipped up your calves. You were pushed back down and ordered to hold still for anywhere from three to seven whacks.

You did your stoic best to "take it like a little man" because you were being graded on your performance by your peers.

After your gym shower, often the playful gym teacher would be waiting outside the shower room. He would instruct you to grab your ankles and lick you with a single echoing crack. Paddle bruises were visible from prior spankings of the day.

One mean ugly teacher would tie you into a frychair with your doubled up kneeling legs spread open and smack a burn on the inside of your legs.

Paddling never had anything to do with behavior modification, it was strictly kinky pleasure for the teacher. Ugly or fat guys didn't get it. But if you were thin and cute, you were going to burn.

They had different rhythms. Usually the whack and roll waltz, sets of three. I'd get three of those, nine in all, from one teacher who was after my tail. Another rhythm was the black and blue tango, sets of four or five.

One geeky Ichabod Crane of a teacher had a steel reinforced yardstick he would lick down vertically on your tailbone and up your spine.

I've been told that in the South they sometimes use the switch.

No one has ever recorded a seductive rock record with a bolero rhythm with whacks and lashes yet. I don't know why.

School Corporal Punishment Paddling

Uniform Guidelines That All School Systems

should have in Place

I can’t speak for other persons out there but I had seen a few school paddling’s back in the Seventies / Eighties era and from my personal view when used correctly with out using Brute or Harsh force when using a paddle maybe effective on both male / female pupils

I disagree with School teachers / administrators being allowed use a Paddle board’s that are nearly the size of College Fraternity Paddles to Use on Young Children and Teens below the age of 18, It’s a well known fact that these sized boards being used do and have caused injuries and or server bruising.

since most paddler’s doing the paddling tend to raise the boards high above in the air to give the blow’s to the receiving persons.. This is when the paddle is actually is being used as a battering weapon.. And is no longer considered an instrument for punishment,.

Since must Pubic / Private School Systems in the U.S. Have guide lines that on average restrict the size of the paddle boards on the average size of 18 to 22 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches wide with the thickness of the board from ½ to 5/8 thickness of the wood These boards should never be raised above ones head high in the air..

Since you are mandated to use this type of paddle.. The Board should only be raised up to either your Hip or Breast level or Preferably between your Hip and Breast levels,... never high in the air !,.... that can also effect your proper aiming to the receivers rear end to.

The most Preferable Paddle to use that are least likely to Cause Bruising or an Injury would be to locate or have one of the Old Type Slivernear Paddles that had the Comments written on them,. Heat for the Seat , Fanny Whacker , Aditude Adjuster , Butt Buster, ETC,. These boards are best on both small children and teens also in the case of a Teen you can ratchet up the force of your Stokes if desired with out causing serious damage or bruising to the receivers rear end,.

If your allowed to use this type of board do so,. If you can’t locate one then have one custom made using cedar wood or ash wood.. Have the paddle coated with lacquer and sealed using a smooth gloss finish this will help prevent the board from splintering during use..

the size can be from three to four inches wide and about 16 inches long.. Thickness will not be over 1/4 inches,. Stings like fire but doesn’t cause damage,.

Positioning Student:

First Option Positioning : Pupils that are to be paddled should be standing legs can be together or apart,. Arms Grabbing the back of rest top of a Chair this is the best Positioning since there buttocks will be in a natural relaxed state and are allowed to naturally flex and absorb the force being applied to them from the paddle,. Ask Student to look up straight forward , this will prevent a jerk of the neck and head .. ” Surprise from the paddles application “

Second Option Positioning would be to have the Pupil bend over a Desk Palms of there hands flat on the top of the Desk. Also have them towards either sides - corner’s of the desk depending which hand / arm you use. “ Right handed “ / “ Left handed. “ Ask Student to look up straight forward , this will prevent a jerk of the neck and head .. ” Surprise from the paddles application “

Third option Positioning would be to have them bend over place there hands flat on the surface of a Seat or Chair Ask Student to look up straight forward , this will prevent a jerk of the neck and head .. ” Surprise from the paddles application “

Fourth Option Positioning : Slightly leaning against a wall palms of hands flat on the wall,. Arms Positioned around the shoulder to upper torso level.

Positioning Don’t’s: IMPORTANT ! Don’t bend over with hands holding down Towards either the Ankles or the Knees this isn’t very safe for the Student, and increases the risk and dangers of the Student being knocked over or falling down during the punishment,. Also not bent over a Desk with the lower body torso and chest laying up / pressed up against the desk top.. Desk / Counter top will dig into the person. Lets remember risk of injuries.

Positioning of Administrator / Teacher “ Paddler “

Paddler should be positioned standing to the side of the Pupil, not standing to the rear side or back of the Pupil ,. Paddler should have view the Pupils Sides and Rear End, Back, Shoulders , Back of head, and possible rear side view of pupils face, Your Paddling Arm should come to even position with the buttocks of the pupil,.

This is important.. It effects how the paddle will land on the buttocks, you want the paddle to land evenly on both sides of the buttocks,. Since its been noted a lot of bruising is caused by uneven impacts from paddles,.

So Check your positioning now..

Safe Test of Application of the Paddle,.

Take Aim raise the paddle up between your hip and Breast line height, Do a few practice swings, Board will come to a complete Soft Stop on the Rear End or Soft Tap landing on the buttocks,.

You are preforming the last safety checks here before the real paddling is to begin, board should be making even contact,. Also you should observing for any adverse reaction from the pupil at this point,. If the Student was jumpy or had slightly Quivered, or made a slight under breath Grunt from the Practice Taps, Wait a bit for a few seconds raise the paddle back up and redo the Practice Swings again,.

This is perfectly ok to preform the Soft Landing Taps since there shouldn’t be any pain at this point,. If the same thing happens again you might consider lowering the amount of force to use during the “ Real Paddling “ to a mild level,. Also ask Student if they are alright about doing this in a smooth tone of voice,. Remember and keep in mind Your not trying to inflict Serious Emotional TRAUMA here,. At this point the student may have a emotional brake down at this point, .. if this is the case the Paddling will not commence and an alternative options maybe considered.

If no Adverse Reactions were Observed During the Practice Test Taps,,.. Then Proceed with the Application of the Paddle,.

Application of the Paddle:

all the above steps have been taken, Proper Positioning and Test and Aim has been Taken, Its Now time to proceed with the Punishment “ the is Paddling to begin “,.

Announce To the Pupil the Amount of Stokes that will be given,. Tell them they are to remain still and keep there arms and hands clear and stay in position until He or She is told to stand up.. Or the last Stoke has been given,. Pupil is not to stay in position for a prolonged period of time after the last Stoke has been completed,.

Start with the paddle rested once again on the buttocks then raise the paddle to the correct height then ask the Pupil if He or She is ready, Announce Are you Ready ?,. Pupil Will reply accordingly: Yes / Yeah ,.. This is the very last step before the paddles application ,. Once the YES is said.. Its GREEN LIGHTS TO GO ,. The Paddling will now Commence

The Normal Reactions during the Application of the Stokes could be, a Yell of: Ouch , Yaouch , Ohoo, there maybe some slight crying and tears coming from the eyes, elevated breathing,. Maintain the application of the Stokes of Paddle,. If Pupil is hollering and screaming and crying excessively its acceptable to reduce the amount of force in the paddles application,.

If the pupil states during the application of the stokes that they can’t take any more,. You are to state the punishment must be completed and the pupil has made there choice,. If this happens it is acceptable to stop the Paddling for a few moments / minutes , Its at your discretion to add or not to add additional Stokes inform the Pupil there will be additional Stokes,. Its also advisable to reduce the amount of force that is being used in the paddles application at this point too,. One or Two more Stokes added is ok,. .

Completion of the Punishment,. Student is allowed to compose themselfs,. In no case are they to be allowed to return to class or allowed out in the halls Un- composed or appearing in the state of duress from the application of the paddling,.

This is about as safe as you can effectively apply Corporal Punishment / Paddling of a Student that I can think of,. The above Steps might seem like a long process but once you’ve gotten in to the routine of doing the Above it should only take an additional 20 to 30 Seconds before the Application of the Punishment Starts.

IF All of the Safeties above are in Place for the Students Well being.. And Or Emotional Well Being.. Remember Here.. There is a deference between a Spanking and a Battering.. And a Fine line between the both of them,. Spankings don’t cause TRAUMA.. But a Battering Will .

I went to high school in the 70s in rural PA school. Paddlings were common and I got my share. My worst one was 6 swats as a senior by my basketball coach in front of the rest of the team.

the last week before we got out of school last year I was suppose to get a paddling or go to ISS for three days. I was never called to the office. Last Monday I was late for homeroom and this was the fourth time this year. When I got to the office and lectured on being late I was told I could either be paddled on the buttocks or go home for three days. I gave it some thoight and then the V.P. made a comment that he did not remeber paddling me last May. What do you want to do go home or take the licks? I am going to give you three for last year regardless. I asked him how many if I took them at one time. He quickly told me he would give me a total of six licks. I was sore but it was worth getting it over with. If I had not done it at the same time he was going to give me the three and four for being late. I think I am the first senior girl age 16 to be paddled this year.

do you live in the u.s. because i did not no it was legal in the u.s to paddle kids anymore.

Hi there,

Does anyone know about your paddling? I was good at being the 1st one spanked at school lol
Add me if you want to...

Yep Me too. I got six licks from the principal at my High school 2 months from graduation. I took the swats to avoid a 3 day suspension. It hurt like the dickens too! Our principal who paddled all the boys

was a big strong man and ex football coach. He called in the the VP who was a woman to act as the witness. VERY Embarassing!! I had to do the bend over the desk and grab the far edge thing too.

Butt up in the air. And just like your paddling Angel he took a few "aim taps" on my butt before each swat and must have waited close to 15 seconds in between so I had plenty time to fully

appreciate the burn of each swat. My *** was very warm the rest of the afternoon. AND very,very

red as well!

I went to school in England in the sixties so I never got the paddle - I got the slipper (a gym shoe) or the cane. Like both of you, I would choose CP over detention or lines every time but I was never given an explicit choice. Whenever I got detentions or lines, I simply didn't do them and got the slipper the next day so the effect was the same as if I had been given the choice in the first place. :)

Slipperings tended to be given immediately so we got them wherever we were caught - in class; in the corridor; in the playground etc. - sometimes with a slipper borrowed from a nearby pupil.

I am a child of the seventies back then you could get as many as 10 swats. I was paddled many times. The worst was the 6th grade. I had a woman teacher that really knew how to hit hard. She left welts and bruises on me a few times. I lost track of how many times I was paddled but I do know it was a lot. Like you I would choose swats instead of detention in high school. Most of the paddlings took place in the hallway where other students and teachers would walk by.