I Was Paddled At School

My first time to be paddled at school was in the third grade. The teacher had a paddle with the ball removed. It was bend over a chair and you got 3 licks. It didn't hurt bad but it was embarrassing. In the fourth grade our teacher had the same type of paddle but it was about twice as thick and painted red. We called it "the red hot paddle". She paddled much harder and you knew it when you got licks from her. The first real school paddle we faced was in the sixth grade. It was also our first male teacher. Trips into the hall with him were no joke. He could really burn your butt up if he was actually mad at you. If you had to go to the office you were really in for it. This was always at least 5-8 licks and they would be as hard as the principal could deliver them. Most of the hallway paddlings were 2-3 licks from teachers. In the mid 60's to mid 70's where I went to school girls never got paddled, but I heard later on that the teachers were paddling about as many girls as they were boys.

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