Paddled For Showing My Bare Butt

Most of my spanking until about age 9 were with the wooden spoon and on my bare butt. I was spanked by my mom and dad, either over their knee or bending over the chair/bed.

After 9, I was introduced to the paddle. I continued to be spanked on a regular basis, 3-4 times a month. My dad gave most of the spankings. They continued to be on the bare butt and over his knee for awhile.

One day I was outside with my best friend and next door neighbor. We had been 'mooning' cars as they drove by. My dad came out to call me in for dinner right at the time the next car was driving by. My buddy and I had no idea we were being watched. Before my dad called my name, we were pulling our pants down and 'mooning' the next car. Then he yelled my name. I knew we were in trouble. He ordered me to go inside and to my room and prepared for a spanking. Preparing for a spanking met that I was to go to my room and sit on my bed in my underwear.

My dad took my friend to his house and told his dad what he had caught us doing. I was up in my room crying. I hated being paddled before dinner. My dad came into my room paddle in hand. He ordered me to remove my underwear and bend over the bed. It was a typical paddling, about 7 or 8 swats. My friend was also spanked by his dad.
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4 Responses Aug 22, 2011

Did your friend tell you about his spankng and did he get spanked bare as well? Neil what age were you spanked and did your friend tell you Neil what age he got spankings at home too? Did mom ever spank you after age 12 and what was your most embarrassing spanking?

How much crying did you do during the spanking? Any spanking dance afterwards?

Odd that what is wrong in one place is all right in another. You had plenty of time to think of the difference.

How ironic that was. Showing off your butt and then getting it paddled. That is a cute story. Thanks very much for sharing.

How did the paddle differ from the wooden spoon? I know from experience that wooden spoons hurt, especially on a nine year old's hiney but I'm curious as to the size and shape of the paddle your dad used.