I Was Paddled So Often...

That I must say I now fantasize about being paddled by a really hott teacher. Ive already got a visual mmm mmmm!!
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I was paddled in school too,along with many others waiting in the office,and although I never liked getting the 3,5,or 10 stinging licks myself,..I sure liked getting to hear all of the others being paddled before me because hearing the loud smacking sounds again and again was a real turn-on,and I also remember that the office always smelled of pee from so many of the girls getting all scared and wetting themselves,and on all of the office chairs,during the long waiting time to be called back and be paddled,and there was just something about being in there smelling that strong ammonia-type odor..(like wet pee-pee diapers)..that would turn me on like nothing had ever turned me on so much in my whole life,..and I always wondered if they drew the process out,and made us wait so long on purpose,to let the anticipation build up,and to give the girls enough time to accidentally wet themselves, so that they could help keep the office smelling like wet pee-pee because maybe the two secretaries must have liked getting to smell that arousing smell of dirty-sweet pee also?...but of-course,..I never could ask them if that was why,although I really figured that was the real reason,and smelling all the different girls wet-pee must have probably been a real turn on for them too,working in there every single day,and their Husbands probably got to screw them every single night,after they'd done sat in the office all day and smelled the pee-wet odor,and got to hear all of the boys and girls getting their behinds blistered with the wooden paddle?

I was paddled at home so often I was afraid I was going to have a permanent red bottom
before I was 21.

Yeah my neighbor got it regularly and my mother would somewhat approvingly note that he must have developed a leather bottom! What kind of paddle did your mom use? A paddle just for spanking like the Cute Little Deer one or a converted from some other purpose paddle?

The converted type. The Cute Little Deer didn't show up anywhere in Chicagoland until after my mom stopped with us. She had a half-inch-thick orange Fli-Back model, and [Jesus on the road on Easter morning] did that damn thing HURT. No WONDER I had bruises afterward.

How old did you have to feel that paddle Maryjanine?

Mom started with me at three, three and a half, and the last time was just before I turned twelve. My older sister and younger brothers, the same, except once when Linda was 16 and kept changing her story about why she disobeyed a parental order and Mom didn't buy lying from ANY of us.

Wow so she had to turn her bare bottom up for the paddle at 16, 4 or more years after she had the last time at 11 or 12? Did you get to see it?

That's how I knew about it.

Wow I tried to PM you but it didn't go through. I just looked up what that paddle looked like and found it on Ebay. Yikes.

See what I mean?

Would love to hear the story of watching your older sister, that must have been a shocker for her at 16 if she hadn't felt it in 4 or 5 years.

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Having a hot teacher who might paddle me would have certainly added to my teen angst, as well as some confusing but stimulating thoughts! Alas, in the 70s, I can only recall 2 fairly attractive teachers I had.