Paddled On Cloth More Bad Than Paddled On Bare Bottom

paddled on cloth more bad than paddled on bare bottom cause who paddled you knows that there is a prevention .. so she must make an extra efforts .

iam talking about my mom spanks me when i was 16.

i was fighting with my small sister and i beat here and blood come out of her mouth then my mom came with my old sister and took my sister to check her and they after
they found that she will be ok they came to me and my mom took off her slipper from her leg and beat me firstly on all my body the told my sister to go and get a 1 meter wooden flat ruler from her room
and in 5 seconds she came with the ruler ... when i saw the ruler i make my way to run around a large table .
but its not a good idea because i got catched in my first round with my old sister and my mom and then my mom forced me to got on my stomach on the table and my sister hold my 2 hands
to made me stretch my body on the table and exposed back in air to be a stretch target to my mother long paddle then my mother spanked me for about 20 minutes
with all her efforts because i was with cloth may be if i was bared was better and less time .

i saw my bottom in mirror after that lesson it was burble .

nowaday it is just a memory no spanking happens after that for 8 years ,
i missed this days.
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22-25, M
May 19, 2012