Hood Life

I was in a gang from the age 15 to 19. I was a hood rat, I was born and raised in the hood, so I was raised to be tough. I can remember the first gang fight I was in which determined if I would get in or not, I was winning but she had a knife, which I move fast enough where she didnt stab me but she nipped my side. When it happened, I was automatically in, It made me feel like a badass if you will. I was tough enough for anything they thru at me. I cant even count how many times I scaled a wall running from the cops. I was one of the lucky ones I never got locked up, a lot of the members got locked up a few months after that got into the gang. We was bloods, I am not going into detail about that. What made me really get of it all, I got shot when I was 19. That was the end of it, I knew that if I stayed in it I was going to die. If the bullet was a 1/2 inch from my heart. That was my wake up call.. Even now all I know is the hardknock life, I dont fit in where I live, but its safe. I dont hear gun shots , police sierns, screaming, and loud music all night long anymore. When I walk down the street I dont see hookers on the sidewalk, I dont have to worry about drivebys, or people sneaking me from behind.
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May 14, 2012