at the age of 13 i was petticoated by the girl next door and discovered that i was a sissy and loved it.just love the chance to wear a dress with a petticoat under it !love those short sissy dresses with a stiff petticoat to push dress out.just enjoy being dressed and love being a sissybitch!!
mandiejune mandiejune
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THe swishy sounds are wonderful aren't they?

my Wife sometimes puts me in a full skirt with a petticoat (or 2) under it. Yes, the sound and the feel is sooo arousing!

I adore you for it.<br />
I only can think or dream about being petticoated, but I do wear dresses and I like it.<br />
Well, maybe one day ..............................

It's really good thay someone saw that you really weren't a boy! DId she tease you when you were petticoated? I didn't have to do it with my brother ---he did it to himself first. In what way are you a sissybitch----a bit of a strong word, no? Love Noelle

Yeah, they do it for me too. Something about the way they bounce as you walk. I love the really short ones.