Tricked Into Petticoating

My X wife started my life of feminization. She used to rub her nightgown against me and continued when i got excited. After a few months of this she said she had in idea and got a pair of her nylon panties and started rubbing me with them and after getting me all excited suggested i slip them on. Panties and sex became what always happened. A few months after this started she started keeping a few pair in my underware drawer and started making panty checks when i walked through the room saying that im wearing the wrong underware and should be wearing panties. When i showered, she would remove my male underware and replace them with panties. One night while making sex she talked me into wearing a nylon nightgown and this became an always thing when having sex. She next started placing a nightgown on my pillow every night and would talk me into putting it on even when i didnt want to. Later she started having me wear panties and a nighgown every evening while watching tv. I had to start wearing panties 24/7 and putting a nightgown on as soon as soon as i got home from work and staying dressed like this at all times while at home and always in nylons, panties and cami under my male clothes when i left the house. She kept me fiminized 24/7 365 until i got the guts up to leave her but i cant stop wearing these things even though im not with her anymore because she got me so addicted to the feel of lingerie.
kathi kathi
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With me it was a little different. When I was dating my wife she seemed to sense my desire to be spanked and confronted me with it. I felt safe sharing with her and confessed my desire to be spanked. She agreed and started spanking me. A couple of months later she announced one Saturday we were going shopping. I love to go shopping with her. She always puts on a nice fashion show. :) Only this time she started holding skirts and blouses up to me. Basically she was checking them for size. She picked a couple of outfits and panties. Then I had to take them to the register and pay for them. The sales clerk never said a word. When we got back to her place she had me change into a outfit. Then she got her hair brush and sat down. She gave me a talking to about being a good little boy and minding her. Then she said you know what happens to naughty boy's don't you? I said yes ma'am they get spanked. She had me lift and hold my skirt while she lowered my panties. Then she guided me over her lap and gave me a good hair brush spanking. This continued for a few months then stopped. That was 25 year's ago. Today we are happily married. Last year I asked one of the dominant ladies on here why she did that. She told me it was to destroy the last of my manliness and to once and for all set that she was the boss and make me more docile towards her. It definitely worked. Today I am still her submissive husband and I still bring her the paddle or hair brush and take my pants down the second she says to. There is no doubt that she is the boss. Surprisingly I did enjoy the dress up for my spankings. These day's she no longer allows it. She says she wears the panties in the family.

Send her to me i will marry her.

That is the ideal relationship for many of us here.

Hi Kathi, I to love silk and nylon cloths, I wear nighties most nights, my wife dose know, is not keen, but I love then, I have several dresses, loads of bras/panties, enjoy it
Society says its wrong, but who is getting hurt, not us xdressers...Good luck.
Do you have a partner now??

Hi Dawn, no I don\'t have a partner anymore. Im on my own now, wish I did have someone.

Love this post. I wish my wife would treat me like that

Wait, i thought i was the only male who wears panties and long nightgown to bed every night...

i wear panties as often as i can, but would love my wife to take it further

Not such a bad addiction to have hon. I know how much enjoyment I get from my lingerie. Sorry it didn't work out as well as you would of liked with your wife. Hopefully you have found someone else to appreciate you and your love of lingerie. xoxo

It would be a dream come true for a lot of guys but I get the idea that you were not very happy with the idea of being sub , I have the same problem and it really drives me nuts , on one hand I love to dress up but on the other hand I cannot wrap my mind around being submissive . I a curious as to how many others have these feelings and how they aar dealing with them .

I think for a lot of men In our age group, we were brought up on the end of the macho man era are have difficulty relinquishing any control because " I've gotta be a macho man"

It was fun at first but when it became something that i had to do all the time it made me feel very submissive. There is more to this story, i just didnt write it all down.

would love to meet a girl like her.

Frillywillie, thank you for understand and for your advise.