Petticoated In Tights And Rubber Panties......

I woke up in Karens bed.the next morning.....
I was nice and warm and comfortable in the flannell night gown.
and I was moving my butt around feeling the diaper between my legs
and rubbing the lace with my left hand,,,,all the movement made the
rubber pants crinkle.....still wear cloth diapers and rubber panties to bed,
on occation.
Karen came in the room and got me up.
took me to the bathroom pulled down the diaper and panties.
told me to get on the toilet ( i did)did number one and two...
she wiped my bottom (as I couldent do it by myself becuase of my
injured hand....she obliged then powerded my bottom pulled diaper up
carefully removed my night gown.and rubber lined gown panties.. then brought me to her daughter tinas room
on tinas lower bunk bed there where white rubber pants pink ,tights,camisole training bra
and a knit blue (sweater dress) with long sleeves.....
i dident know what a camisole was Karen
pulled the rubber panties up and over my diaper then the I stepped into
the tights she roled them up my legs and fixed them up and around my rubber pants
smoothing them out with her hands rubbing my crotch...squeezing my aroused ****** in the process.....i gasped
'my little Davidia loves her rubber panties and her sweater tights.
 im not done with you yet....:
 then I was shaking with excitement...
 she then put my arms throught the training bra straps then fastened it in the back rubbing my nipples as she straightend it out.
 it was a shiny nylon so soft ....
  then she said arms up
 ths is a camisole doesnt it feel nice........honey?
 I had goose bumps.......
 next came the sweater dress....
arms up....down came the dress sleeves. pulled carefully over my hurt right
hand first then my left arm after the turtle neck of the dress was pulled over my head .(there was some buttons at the shoulder and bottom of turtle neck)
 i hated snug it around my neck..
  karen then buttoned the turtleneck top of the dress snug.
 straighend my tights again ..then sat me on the bed and strapped a pair
  of black patent mary janes on my feet...sayng my what a pretty little girl you
  turned out to be....karen comed my hair out again fixing it in  a french braid.
  it was 1975 i had long hair as a lot of boys did back then...
  karen took my hand and brought me over to the mirror.
 i saw a pretty little girl dressed in blue knit dress pink sweater tights and
 black t strap mary janes ...Karen bought me down stairs then took some pictures then
  dressed me in rubber pull on boots a long hooded girls faux fur hooded
 coat fur around hood and bottom of coat it was dark blue zipped it up and
buttoned the front flap over with a pink stocking cap on my head and
pink matching mittons on my hands she took more pictures of me
she got ready then we went to the train station took the train down town.
 went to a hair salon she knew all the ladies that worked there.
she took my coat hat mittens then boots off....
 introduced me as her little niece...
then she led me to a sink a ladie said hi honey i love your dress..
i said thank you she wrapped a hair apron around me undid my
hair washed it then I was led over to the styleist.
 my hair was braided in cornrows pink and white beads were put in my hair.
 i started crying (and peed my panties)
Karen said she wished I was hers so my ears could be pierced.)
when my hair was done my scalp ached....but i was aroused by the feeling of the
tights snug and rubbing the bras secure feel on my chest 
(and the beads in my hair clicking when ever I moved)
 then karen brought me in the back room with the woman that
 did my hair and pulled my tights down and off took my shoes off  
 then pulled my rubber panties and diaper off
her friend then said I was the prettiest sissy girl she had ever seen
 as she cleaned my bottom and wrapped a clean diaper on my bottom and pulled my rubber panties up then she put laced ankle socks on my
feet then my mary janes ..
I was paraded around the store while Karen got her hair done.
 the ladies loved my hair out fit then laughed and played wth the beads
in my hair and lifted my skirt to see (and some felt my diapered Bottom)
Karen then reminded me I was hers for the month...
 then put my tights back on me in front of all the girls.....
 I havent thought of this in years (they even managed to put pink
nail polish on my left hand and my injured right hand...dident hurt me at all
I went back to that salon for years....even as a young man for my hair cuts....
there was a picture of me on one of the mirrors for years in my dress and tights
with my corn rowed and beaded hair.......



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your story sounded much like many of the outings i took hundreds of ab/dl's on, during the 30+ years i was living on my own as a diapered (t)gurl. if you're into corresponding and sharing more of your interests/experiences, or asking what mine were like. let me know, and i'll give you my email address, or if you prefer me to email you first. you can give me yours.<br />
<br />
hope to hear from you, and anyone else with similar interests.<br />
<br />