I Think I Am Being Pimped By My Boss

Business has been good for the office, which I can tell from the ever more growing confidence and ego of my boss, as well as the nice bonus I got for the year end. This was not the case a year ago, but in the past few months, my boss started to take me out on business meetings, functions, power lunches, dinners, and parties.  The only request is that I dress sexy and be friendly with his clients and clients to be.  He gave me an allowance every month to add to my wardrobe, and although he trusted my taste, he would always want to see everything I buy and needs approve everything.  Haha.. how can a girl who loves to look gorgeous and dress nice, resist and pass this opportunity up.  I mean, look pretty with free spending money.  The great thing is that he never complained about the expenses, and even accompanied me to shop a few times, always picking out tasteful outfits that accentuated my figure, but definitely with the intent to show.  He really has great taste, and always knows what would look great on me, well, he is Italian.  From time to time, he will drop hints to me and point me to the important clients or potential clients, so that I would give them some extra attention, and even encouraging me to see them outside of work.  I have since gone out a few times on these so called 'customer relations maintenance meetings', but there are more like dinner and drink dates, where the clients are more interested to talk about me than business... hehehe...  Nothing has happened between me or any clients yet beyond these seemingly innocent meetings.  But some how with the way that some of these clients are making advances on me, and reassuring me how well I am doing my job with my boss's approval and promising big business deals coming to the office, I am starting to figure out that my boss is actually directly or indirectly pimping me out to get his deals done.  I am thinking he's probably caught on to me being kind of open minded and free sexually, in some of our flirty conversations, and is using that to his business advantage.  Well, so far, nothing has happened yet, and I am not complaining.  From the way the business is growing in the office and he is getting what he wants, and I am also enjoying a nice high end lifestyle, turning heads, receiving nice gifts.  I might just take and ride this for more benefits... haha.. may be a nice car? housing allowance? extra bonus?....hmmmm interesting just to think about it... haha..  But honestly, the only man in my eyes is actually my boss.  He is such a sophisticated, handsome hunk.. my knees gets weak and my heart skips a beat every time he is around me :)
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8 Responses Jan 19, 2013

lucky dude...I would definitely do it...smart man...add me sweetie.

lol the sneaky bugger...............hehehehe

ummmmmmmm! come be my girl too! you are actually too hot for such an oppurtunity to pass by! Have fun and get rich! Age only advances and never reverses!

Take the cash and run (LOL). Please add.

It sounds like eventually your boss may take things further with you. He knows what a smoking hot and sexy woman you are and he uses that to get more clientele. I think he will want to **** you long before he asks you to **** a really important client. Enjoy the lifestyle.

Would you be willing to do more for the company? You'd certainly be able to get bigger bonuses with a little more... effort. ;)

He is giving hand outs don't stop taking you look n sound hot

Then let him know how you feel, if you think it's what you want.