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just come home from staying with my brother who is having massive problems with his wife as their marriage winds down. the last night there i was quietly sitting on the lounge watching tv when a screaming match broke out, i looked beside me to see her stretched over him both hands around his neck choking him, after yelling at her to let him go she ignored me so i got up and physicallyy removed her off him, he told me to call the police but i was uncomfortable doing so, she then spat at me " youve now assaulted me" im calling the police which she did, although after hearing our stories the police decided not to charge me, there is still the chance she may decide to charge me herself, so now im waiting to see if a summons arrives? with this occurring his divorce is jeapordised as the magistrate now hears there is family or friends hostile to her as a consequence the police told my brother shed get a bigger portion of the property settlement, i dont know why, i am sure she was aware of this loophole and set out to stitch me up!in a way i hope she does charge me as id then counter charge her for kneeing me in the genitals as i dragged her off him! just when id hoped the new year might be a more peacful one?
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the story continues, this lovely then decided to try and run my brother over with her car, so he called the Police, they arrived and placed an AVO on her an aggrivated violence order in real speak, she ignored thgis then 2 days later stasrted verbally abusing him and smashed his fingers in the door, so he again rang the vpolice who came and arrested her for an overnight stay in a cell, she is sure the law does not apply to her, today in court the avo was confirmed and extended in place for 6 months it also applies if she harasses myself or any of his friends