i thought this guy was extremely attractive like extremely. it was Halloween of 2013 and I had to take my younger sibling out trick or treating and I didn't want to go and I didn't trick or treat. so I had took them and to my surprise a couple of my friend were going too. but there was like 3 other guys with them. after we got back from trick or treating I snuck outside with the 3 guys for a couple of minutes. I only came because I thought one was really cute but i figured their intentions where dirty and I was right. but the one that really caught my eye gave me his number and we started talking and I guess becoming friends. I started sneaking out a couple nights a week and meeting up with him and we'd talk as friends for a hour or two and it was really great I guess. but I got caught sneaking out kind of and I got in so much trouble because of him. later on once I got out of trouble we began talking again but his intentions kinda became clear all he wanted was someone to have intimate fun with and I didn't want that. I heard rumors and I heard that he was blabbing what we had been talking about and agreeing to do with each other. his best friends sister told me stuff that I had only told him and told me about the names he was calling me behind my back and I snapped and went off on him. this whole thing start to kinda finish went on from November to February and I hadn't spoken to him all year until a couple weeks ago and i guess he wanted to start seeing me again and I kinda am too. I really want to be just friends with him tbh because he's kinda too physically attractive and it would be hard trying to have a relationship with him plus I'm sure he really doesn't want a relationship with me either. but I guess we could still be friends if anything. but men....no better yet boys, never fail to amaze me with how crappy they can be behind your back. they kinda act like women when they talk about you in that manner behind hot back...
AkuYamine AkuYamine
13-15, F
Aug 22, 2014