Posing Nude

I enjoy nude artwork and figure studies of the female body, so I thought I would try being a part of it for myself.  It was originally an innocent idea.  My husband also wanted some nudes to be taken of me, so we interviewed photographers and made arrangements.

It started with a few of me in clothes that were slowly but surely coming off of me.  Although I knew that I wanted to do this, I was still a little shy at first. My husband was all excited and in to it.  This made me a little more comfortable.  Once I was nude, I had a small blanket to cover me between poses, but soon it just kind of became useless.

The photographer was not shy about touching me all over to position and pose me.  This was making me extremely in the mood.  I needed my husband to do me right then. My husband left the room on several occasions to bring water and this and that.  He said at one point, "I'll let you two work for a while," and was gone for what seemed like a while.  We continued with the shoot, but the photographer had begun to give my body more attention with his hands touching my breast and the inside of my thighs. My body responded obviously with my breaths and I got kind of cold and shaky.  He soon just went for it, touching me where I am shaved smooth, and he pushed in his finger.  I had never been with anyone else, but his finger briefly had control of my body.  When he pulled down his pants, I saw that he was in need with a huge erection.  I was so horny, and  my emotions were crazy.  I was scared, so I said, "We just can't."

He was sweet and understood.  I felt bad for him.  Besides, I too was now extremely horny.  He pulled up his pants but left them undone.  I put my panties back on and was thinking that my husband and I were going to soon be wild.  I guess I wanted him to know that this was not his fault, so I thought I would do one quick naughty pose.  With my back to him I put my left hand on the arm of a sofa and pulled my panties to the side with my right hand and pushed up on my tippy toes.  I was soaking wet by now.  In what seemed like an instant, his hands were on my waist and he pushed it right in me.  I knew that I was allowing it, but I also was not sure that I wanted to continue.  He did it in me kind of hard for only maybe a minute.  Then he wrapped hie arms around me hugging me from behind and came inside of me.  I felt like I was in a trance or something and quickly flipped my panties back in place  and grabbed a robe.  He kissed me and asked if I was okay.

I think knowing that he had just came in me made me out of my mind horny.  My husband then came in.   He looked in my eyes, kissed me, and opened my robe.  He then pulled it off my shoulders and took over where the photographer left off.   He began to satisfy my needs and take me right there in front of the photographer who had just come inside of me.  I needed to be taken and wanted him to do what ever he wanted to me.  I know he knew what had happened, because I was so messy down there.  I was not satisfied to where I could stop for a couple of hours.

When it was over, they dressed me and took me out to dinner.  I was still messy and a little disheveled.  I felt like everyone who looked at me must have known what had just happened to me.  This was a turn on that had never occurred to me.  There is so much more to this story, but I will save that to share with those who ask.


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Wow!!!!! Bravo sounds fun .I d like to know if thats what your husband was really after , and are ya'll going to ever try it again

I loved the story and am jealous of your experience. Would you please write some more details?

Read? Read more? Hell, I'd want to see the pics! LOL!<br />
<br />
All kidding aside, great story ... told well. Yes, we would love to hear more.

You sound like one of those "pretty women" the ones that "fly by the seat of their pants"

This is a great story and a great fantasy for many people. I would love to read more.

When did this happen? Are some of the photos that you've posted the ones the photographer took?

i'm hooked tell me the rest of the story....

you know I want to hear every detail...please sent me the rest of that sexy experience.

When I was doing photography full time I had more than one wife on occasion.. I would make them pose and usually they would come on to me. I did have a session once where the husband came into the studio while I was pumping his hot wife hard and fast.. I thought that he was going to kill me as I was ******* his wife, he actually liked it and told me to **** her harder and deeper. She loved that and started to wildly thrust her *** back to meet my shaft going in deeper. Within a few mins of that I filled her up with a huge load then when she pulled off started to drip down her legs. He jumped right in and ****** her some more till he filled her up. A bottle of wine and a quick shower and she was then taking two at both ends till the early morning, she could not get enough ***. I did see her without her husband a few times, each involving some hot *******. I am sure that he knew, but at 20 years his younger, I could **** her for hours upon hours filling her with lots of ***.

Very hot hope to hear more

Did you ever consider that this was what your husband fantasized would happen from the begining? Have you discussed it with him?

Please tell us what happened next....

so lustfull and sensual...thank You for sharing

Pretty wold case of "Serendipity" if you ask me!!

If that was just a taste of the larger story...I'm dying to know what else there is! Well written and evocative story.